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Conservative Chaplains Lose Lawsuit But Lead US Military Chaplaincy

Howard Friedman’s Religion Clause reported on the summary judgment granted in In re Navy Chaplaincy, a very long-running lawsuit alleging the US Navy chaplaincy was essentially rigged for liturgical/Catholic chaplains. The DC federal district court ruled against the chaplains.

However, given how many years the lawsuit has been running its course, it is worth noting who is leading the US Navy chaplaincy now:

In fact, the rest of the US military chaplaincy leadership reads much the same. With one possible exception, the list reads like a who’s who of conservative and Read more

Islamic Army Chaplain Shabazz Dons Christian Stole

As previously announced, on May 23rd Chaplain (LtCol) Khallid Shabazz took over as the Division Chaplain for the 7th Infantry Division at Joint Base Lewis McChord:

Shabazz…became the Army’s first Islamic chaplain at the division level at a Change of Stole ceremony…officiated by Maj. Gen. Thomas James Jr., 7th Infantry Division commanding general.

The “changing of the stole” appears to be strictly a US Army chaplaincy tradition, as Read more

Sterling, Military Religious Freedom Get Support at Supreme Court

Court-martialed Marine LCpl Monifa Sterling has appealed to the US Supreme Court, alleging her religious liberty was violated when she was convicted for not removing Bible verses posted to her desk.

The Supreme Court has not yet agreed to hear the case — and there are already significant briefs being filed in her support.

Critics like Michael “Mikey” Weinstein have tried to frame her case as a Christian trying to inappropriately “expose” others to their beliefs — and thus deserving of court-martial.

However, people who actually support religious freedom — rather than advocate discrimination against Christians as Weinstein does — are coming out in support of Sterling.

This includes a substantial number of significant and high profile non-Christians. Those supporting Sterling’s case with amicus briefs include:  Read more

Did USAFA Chaplains Participate in Historical or Halloween Event?

usafachaplainsby Sonny Hernandez

On October 29, 2016, US Air Force Academy chaplains participated in a self-described ecumenical event to “explore the upcoming 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation.” A USAFA release described the event as analogous to the service “led by Pope Francis and Bishop Munib Younan in Lund Sweden, on October 31,” where Catholics and Lutherans were “urged to take decisive steps toward unity.

A Christian observer would not see this type of event as ecumenical, but evil. The Protestant Reformation was not a celebration between Catholics and Lutherans. It was a time of protest and schism because of the Roman Catholic corruption.

Christian scholars who have been impacted by Read more

Former US Army Soldier, Pastor Finds Calling in Nose Art

The Herald-Review (repeated at the Stars and Stripes) covers Dan McQuality, a Desert Storm veteran and Lutheran pastor who is making his mark recreating World War II era nose art:

McQuality, who serves as pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Lincoln, had no idea when he sold his first nose art pictures that it would become a full-time business.

“It was just something I did for a hobby, and it blossomed into something more,” McQuality said.

The article notes the heritage and emotion the artwork invokes:

[McQuality’s] products often forge strong emotional ties with their customers, especially veterans who see their former service memorialized. Many veterans and their relatives send stories along with their orders, which the McQualitys enjoy.

It is no small irony that much of the nose art McQuality, a Christian pastor, recreates probably wouldn’t be permitted in the Air Force Read more