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Michael Weinstein Plagiarizes Latest Blog on Fallen Navy SEAL

Normally, if Military Religious Freedom Foundation founder Michael Weinstein is at a loss for words, he fills in the space with alliterative adjectives.  Yesterday, it seems he filled in the space with someone else’s words.

Michael Weinstein plagiarized a section of his passionate demand for an apology from Governor Mitt Romney for his “untruthfulness” about Glen Doherty.  From Weinstein’s piece, as published on the Huffington Post:

Romney did not mention the man’s name during the Read more

Weinstein Uses Friend’s Death to Shill for Foundation

Michael Weinstein’s need to stroke his ego knows no limits.  Glen Doherty was one of the four men killed in Libya when the consulate was overrun.  Weinstein has been loudly touting the fact Doherty was a member of his advisory board.  Fair enough.

But when invited to speak on cable news about Mr. Doherty, Weinstein did what he is often wont to do:  He talked about himself.  Interviewing Weinstein in a split screen, Judge Jeanine of “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on FoxNews started with a simple statement:  “Tell us about him.”  Weinstein’s response mentioned Doherty only once, in the first few words [edited to remove verbal fillers]:  Read more

US Rep Questions Lack of Awards for Libya Action

US Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA) wrote a letter to Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus questioning why no US Marine has been awarded for their actions in Libya — despite the very public search and rescue of a downed F-15E Strike Eagle crew.

“It has come to my attention that no awards or recognition have been approved for Marine aviators who flew combat missions over Libya,” Hunter wrote in a recent letter to Mabus.  Read more

Numbers on US Contributions to Libyan Civil War

The Stars and Stripes published a “by the numbers” of the US efforts to support the rebels in Libya.  Among the list:

  • 19,877 total sorties (5,357 U.S. sorties)
  • 262 U.S. strike sorties that dropped ordnance
  • 101 predator drone strikes
  • $896 million in total cost to the U.S. (through July 31)
  • $222 million in U.S. arms and fuel sales to participating allies
  • $12.5 million in non-lethal U.S. aid (food, medical supplies, etc.)
  • 120,000 Halal ready-to-eat meals (delivered to Benghazi in May)

It seems the US military was accommodating even to the (at least perceived) religious needs of the rebels in Libya.

Women in the Military: Statistics, and the First Female JFACC

Previous articles have noted the recommendation by a government panel that women be allowed in all military roles, including combat, because their careers suffer when they are compared to males with broader or combat experience.

A recent article highlighting female Army aviators noted the statistic:

According to a study released earlier this month by the Military Leadership Diversity Commission, women account for only 16 percent of leadership positions in the military – a seemingly staggering statistic to release during National Women’s History Month.

The very next sentence, however, puts the statistic in perspective:  Read more

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