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The US Military, Leadership, and the Harder Right

chaplainAn institutional bias is often found in many large organizations, including the US military: The desire that employees simply do their jobs and bring no attention on themselves or the institution. In point of fact, this bias may actually be stronger in the US military by virtue of its strict reliance on uniformity — and its resulting institutional disdain for those who appear to break with such single-mindedness.

In some instances, this bias leads to an injustice: For example, when a subordinate or employee makes a special request for accommodation, it may be granted out of obligation, but that employee has, for better or worse, highlighted himself as someone requiring additional effort — something rarely viewed positively by such institutions. Or, if a subordinate or employee is criticized or attacked for permissible conduct that others might have found disagreeable, this bias may cause a superior to try to appease the critic to make the boat-rocking go away, rather than take the extra effort necessary to defend their subordinate.

Regardless, this bias represents a failure in leadership. It is Read more

General Welsh Encourages Social Media, Leadership

During Air Force Chief of Staff General Mark Welsh’s Air Force Association speech (in which he wore the now-famous Captain America mask), Gen Welsh also made a point of promoting the use of social media:

Welsh encouraged the use of social media to facilitate two-way communication and buffer against communication pitfalls such as “stove-piped information.”

“Chief (Master Sgt. of the Air Force James) Cody and I are on Facebook and Twitter, which is terrifying,” Welsh said over laughter. “Follow us.”

On that note, General Welsh (who signs Read more

Ross Perot to Keynote USAFA Character Symposium

The 2012 National Character and Leadership Symposium at the US Air Force Academy will be held from 22 to 24 February.  Ross Perot will be the keynote speaker.

Other speakers will come from a variety of backgrounds and careers, including a Medal of Honor recipient and

  • Retired Brigadier General Dick Abel, former President of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and former Executive Director of the Military Ministry of Read more