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Report of Too-Low Fly-by Released

The Air Force Times obtained the investigation report of the T-38 fly-by of the Iowa-Ohio State football game that was deemed too low to be legal.  The report is not flattering of the pilots, but does reveal there was at least one mitigating factor:

An Air Force pilot who led a dangerously low flyover before an Iowa football game told investigators he descended to avoid other air traffic and then lost track of his altitude because he was busy with other tasks, according to a report documenting missteps in the flight’s planning and execution…

Two small planes had taken off without clearance Read more

Air Force Pilots Investigated for Flyby

Four Air Force T-38 pilots are reportedly being investigated after executing a fly-by following the national anthem at the 20 November Iowa-Ohio State football game.  Reports indicate they may have been below the required minimum altitude.

A variety of YouTube angles of the flyby are available, but even video is sometimes disputable.  Quotes, on the other hand

Maj. Chris Kopacek, one of the pilots, told The Des Moines Register Read more