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Kansas Army National Guard Commissions Female Chaplain

The Kansas Army National Guard recently commissioned Chaplain (1Lt) Jamilah Moss into its ranks — and they really want you to know she’s a woman [emphasis added]:

The Kansas Army National Guard welcomed a new chaplain – one who is unlike any other – into its Chaplain Corps…

Chaplain (1st Lt.) Jamilah Moss is the first female chaplain in the Kansas Army National Guard…

“There’s an incredible importance in having female chaplains,” said Read more

Sentencing in Thwarted Terror Attack, but Christians are the Threat

Alexander Blair has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for assisting in what he believed was an attempt to bomb a US military base in Kansas:

He was accused of loaning $100 to 21-year-old John T. Booker Jr. to store what they thought was an explosive device; prosecutors said Booker intended to detonate it outside Fort Riley in northeast Kansas in support of the Islamic State group. The device was a fake bomb built by FBI informants.

Blair is said to have Williams syndrome, which reportedly makes him “susceptible” to manipulation — but does not prevent him from understanding right and wrong.

Booker, as you may recall, was arrested as he was trying to arm what he believed was a 1,000 pound car bomb outside Fort Riley. Booker had actually started the enlistment process to join the US Army — a process that was terminated when the FBI found out he expressed a desire to emulate Nidal Malik Hasan.

Here’s an interesting Read more

Mikey Weinstein’s Attempt to Equate US Military with Domestic Terrorists Backfires

In another shocking — if potentially predictable — diatribe posted at the left-leaning DailyKos (and later at the Air Force Times), Michael “Mikey” Weinstein accused the US military of being no different than domestic terrorists.

As proof, he cited the thwarted attack by three men in Kansas who led a self-described militia called “the Crusaders.” The group had formed plans to blow up an apartment complex in which the main residents were Somali Muslims. They were explicit about their hatred of Muslims, including calling them “cockroaches” and saying:

“The only [expletive] way this country’s ever going to get turned around is it will be a bloodbath and it will be a nasty, messy [expletive].”

Of note, nothing at all is said about the religious beliefs of the militia (they even reportedly considered targeting churches, including burning one “to the ground”), though they were clearly anti-Islam.

Importantly, Weinstein did not Read more

Defense Bill May Garner Chaplain Medal of Honor

Everyone already knows versions of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 remove the prohibitions on sodomy and bestiality (since reinstated), have amendments on homosexual marriage, and redefine rape.  It’s also known President Obama originally vowed to veto it over language on detainee treatment.

In yet another section of the now-passed bill, an amendment by Senators Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran of Kansas successfully inserted language that would award the Medal of Honor to Chaplain (Capt) Emil Kapaun. (The House version had an identical amendment by Rep. Mike Pompeo.)  Chaplain Kapaun is famous for Read more

Congress Seeks Medal of Honor for Chaplain

As previously noted, the US Army recommended Chaplain (Capt) Emil Kapaun for a Medal of Honor in 2009.  Kapaun died in captivity in North Korea in 1951 after he was captured by the Chinese; he had stayed behind when the unit retreated in order to remain with those who could not flee.  Stories told by repatriated Soldiers were of Kapaun’s continual service and sacrifice, even at great personal risk, to tend to the physical and spiritual needs of the captives.

The Associated Press recently noted that the Kansas Congressional delegation (Kapaun hailed from Kansas) is seeking legislation to grant the Medal of Honor to Kapaun.