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Separation of Church and Sports

Tim Tebow has been a frequent subject of this site.  He is an outspoken Christian in a public position who has utilized his platform to further the cause of Christ.

He has been used as an example for those who feel they need to get out of the military and become preachers or missionaries in order to serve Christ.  Tebow, like R.G. LeTourneau, accurately points out that men and women should serve God where He has placed them, and they should use the talents that He has given them.

His life ministry–that is, his conscious desire to be known as someone who is genuine and cares–has been used as an example of the power of living evangelism, or Truth with Feet.

Now, Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, highlights a “new agenda” Read more

Chaplain Gives Trooper Strength with Psalms

As frequently noted, US military Chaplains serve as far more than mere spiritual advisors.  They are counselors, marriage consultants, morale officers, and representatives to their command on issues of culture and religion that affect the mission.  They’re also sometimes just a voice of reassurance.

A Chaplain currently stationed in Iraq recounts a story of how his faith helped a soldier at Fort Benning, where paratroopers at the Airborne School learn to jump out of airplanes:  Read more

Military Religion Question Answered: Email

The US military has been accused of allowing its members to illegally use its official government email system to distribute messages with religious content (see background here).  These actions have been called “unConstitutional” and “a violation of military regulations.”

This e-mail distribution has violated the separation of church and state [and] violates well established [military regulations].

In one specific incident, a base Chaplain asked the staff to forward a Bible study announcement.  Did that message violate regulations, or any other policy or standard?

The shortest, most accurate answer: Read more

Jewish Chaplain Serves Diverse Crowd

US Army Chaplain (Lt Col) Avi Weiss has previously been profiled here.  The Defense Department has a new article out that notes the challenges he experiences not only as a Jewish Chaplain serving all faiths, but also as a Jewish Chaplain serving the unique aspects of the Jewish faith.

Like all chaplains, he serves Soldiers, civilians and family members of all faiths, but the wide variety of Jewish traditions among his faithful adds an extra level of complexity.  Weiss is personally “very traditional Orthodox,” but many of the military members he serves are not. Read more

Military Religion Question Answered: Brooks

Previously, a question was posed about the propriety of a photo that showed Maj. Gen. Vincent Brooks and a flag with a Christian cross.  The photo and initial post can be seen here.  The accusation said that a regulation had been violated because it was

a photo of an Army officer giving a briefing while standing in front of a Christian flag.

So, did the General, as the accusers assert, violate military regulations?

The shortest, most accurate answer: Read more

Jewish Lay Leaders Support Soldiers’ Faith

A shortage of Jewish Chaplains in the US military, as well as the fact that a small number of Jewish military members tend to be spread out among a large number of bases, can make religious association of Jewish troops difficult.  This often leads to reliance on other soldiers or the contributions of “lay leaders”–often retired military members in the local community.

In the Atlanta, Georgia, area, retired US Navy Master Chief Jim Bradford is one such lay leader.  He recently coordinated the visit of Rabbi Menachem Katz, Aleph Institute director of outreach programs, to minister to the local Jewish community at Fort McPherson.  When they met, the group discussed the challenges of living of celebrating their faith within the constraints of the military environment.  Read more

Praise for Jewish Chaplain, MREs at Army Base

As previously noted, last year a Jewish US Army basic trainee at Fort Benning was assaulted for reasons that he claimed were related to his faith.  His assailant was discharged, and the victim, Michael Handman, was allowed to leave the Army.

Several news sources are now crediting that scandal with recent activities occurring at Fort Benning.  These actions have included the addition of Kosher MREs at the dining hall and a permanent party Jewish Chaplain.  The base has previously had a Jewish Chaplain, though the relatively small number of Jewish Chaplains limits the number of bases to which they can be permanently assigned.  (The Associated Press text also says that the drill sergeants were “disciplined,” though there is no public evidence to that effect.)

Last year the incident rose to scandal status, involving the MRFF, ADL, and NAACP. Read more

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