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US Army Awards Saint Christopher Medal

The US Army Transportation Corps Regiment actually has an official patron saint — Saint Christopher:

Saint Christopher – the patron saint of the Transportation Corps Regiment – was one of the most popular saints during antiquity and early Middle Ages. Usually pictured carrying Christ and symbolically the weight of the world’s sins across a river, the image of Saint Christopher offers a fitting symbol of strength, loyalty, and safety for Transporters charged with “Moving the Force” now and for all time.

The Transportation Corps formed in 1942, and in 1998 the Army instituted the order of St. Christopher medal to recognize outstanding transporters.

It’s an interesting Army tradition for Read more

Army Chaplain Reportedly Resigns over War Policies

antalUS Army Reserve Chaplain Christopher Antal submitted his resignation “in protest” in April due, according to Antal, to the American policies regarding drones, nuclear weapons, and “preventive war, permanent military supremacy and global power projection.”

Antal publicly submitted his letter directly to his Commander-in-Chief, President Obama.

Reached for comment, the Army somewhat subtly said Antal had submitted his resignation, but Read more

Kamikaze Turned Priest Briefs US Marines

Paul Saneaki Nakamura is a retired Anglican Bishop. He’s also a veteran of Japan’s Imperial Navy, in which he trained to be a kamikaze in the closing days of World War II. Nakamura recently spoke to US Marines on Camp Hansen, Okinawa, about his experiences — both physical and spiritual:

The 87-year-old retired Anglican bishop grew up on Okinawa as militarism swept across Japan. Like many others, he became an ultra-nationalist who firmly believed in selfless devotion to his country. He worshipped the emperor as god; offering his life to the emperor was the ultimate virtue….

He survived Read more

AF Band Flash Mobs Smithsonian with Christmas Songs (Video)

This, this is Christ the King,
Whom shepherds guard and angels sing:
Haste, haste to bring Him laud,
The babe, the son of Mary.

Continuing a tradition begun last year, the US Air Force Band “flash mobbed” the Smithsonian and performed What Child is This? and Carol of the Bells, to the delight of the crowd:

The Air Force Times Flightlines blog noted that the official Air Force Band website said the first song was Greensleeves.  While Greensleeves is the same tune as What Child is This?, the vocalists were clearly singing the lyrics to the latter.

Military members can Read more

US Military Censors Jesus, Applauds Achmed the Dead Terrorist

180th Fighter Wing Commander Col Craig Bluto Baker declared that an Air Force officer was prohibited from explaining the impact of Jesus Christ on his life, while a Navy Commander in San Diego lauded the performance of comedian Jeff Dunham, who voices, among others, Achmed the Dead Terrorist. From a prior performance:

Achmed the Dead Terrorist is a bundle of bones and bulging eyes and bushy eyebrows who delights with the crowd-pleasing line “I’ll keel you!”

“I’m a terrible father,” he said. “I took my son to take your kid to work day. Now he’s there, over there and over there. [Bomb noises] It’s not funny, kids blow up so fast.”

Achmed went on a rant about loving Ellen DeGeneres Read more

AF Band Flash Mobs Smithsonian with “Joy to the World”

Joy to the world
The Lord is come
Let earth receive her King
Let every heart, prepare Him room…

Joy to the world,
The Savior reigns

Courtesy of the US Air Force Band at the National Air and Space Museum:

Military members can appreciate a little Christmas cheer, even in uniform — as can some guests of the Smithsonian, who cheered the performance.

Atheists and religious liberty critics were a bit torn.

Also at Fox News, DOD Live, Maggie’s Notebook, The Christian Post, and the Air Force Times.


New Mikey Weinstein Billboard Backfires, Inspires Opponents

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein seems to be waging a war by billboard (and judging by his previous efforts, Lamar advertising seems to be the main benefactor).  This time, Weinstein publicized an email quote from a staff member of the US Air Force Academy Prep School:

The photo was provided by the MRFF, and faithful ally Pam Zubeck dutifully reprinted it at the CSIndy.

Unfortunately for the MRFF, a substantial majority of the people who saw and commented on it read only the quote from Willoughby — and then praised Willoughby’s sentiment.

A few did say Willoughby had “violated his oath as an officer” and Read more

Weinstein Attacks Allen Willoughby, Promotes Courage for Christ

The Associated Press picked up on Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s complaint about Allen Willoughby, an athletic trainer at the US Air Force Academy Prep School who sent Weinstein an email after Weinstein’s complaint about “So Help Me God.”  As published by Weinstein’s ally Pam Zubeck at the Colorado Springs Independent, the email said:

…God will always be a part of the US Military even when you are gone to meet him face to face. You know you can do a lot for the homeless veterans out here but you could care less about them but when it comes to Christians you are willing to fight against us, well you will never win and so you know the war has already been won. I am on staff at USAFA and will talk about Jesus Christ my Lord and savior to everyone that I work with. Do something productive with your life and Stop harassing the fine people at USAFA. I really pray for your soul.

Zubeck provocatively titled her blog

Academy athletic trainer vows to proselytize on campus

Presumably, Zubeck is at least trying to appear to be a journalist, albeit one who apparently does not deign to use a dictionary.  As is evident to the rest of the world, the Prep School trainer did not “vow[] to proselytize.”

For his part, Weinstein almost Read more

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