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On Being a Mother and Fighter Pilot

An official news release features US Air Force Major Jaime Nordin and her attempts to balance her life as an F-16 fighter pilot and mother.  While many people consider being a fighter pilot “who they are,” it seems Nordin is in transition:

“Being a mom and a fighter pilot are both equally demanding, which makes having only 24 hours in a day hard,” she said. “But more and more, I’m becoming a mom, and a fighter pilot is my trade.”

Everyone has priorities in life; having children can put a new perspective on things.  For those that are curious, the article describes some of the details about female fighter pilots who get pregnant.  Nordin was grounded Read more

All-Female Flight, Female Flight Suits, and Female Fighter Pilots

According to the Air Force Times, the all-female F-15E Strike Eagle combat flight orchestrated as part of Women’s History Month “spark[ed] debate” over the issue of women in combat.  The article is largely composed of reader inputs to the Times’ calls for comment.  Most of the comments support lifting restrictions, and most (including women) also say the standards should be the same for men and women.

The ironic part of that statement is men and women aren’t currently held to the same standard; for example, in every service women have different Read more