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Christians, Commanders Lead Prayer Breakfast Around Military

US military commanders and motivational Christian speakers are leading prayer breakfasts throughout the military this year.

At Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Chad Robichaux spoke of his journey from Force Recon Marine to MMA fighter — by way of PTSD:

Robichaux addressed an audience of active duty Service Members and their families, during the annual National Prayer Breakfast on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., Feb. 2…

“I sat in the closet with a pistol, on and off, for two weeks trying to work up the courage,” he said. “Knowing the kids might find me. Wondering if I could make it look like an accident.”

Robichaux even Read more

Military Congregations Support their Comrades

An official Army release highlights the military chapel congregations at Fort Stewart, GA, and Hunter Army Airfield who worked with their local commissaries to help offset expenses for local military families:

As part of a longstanding tradition, chaplains gave their religious congregations the opportunity to give what is called a “designated offering…”

“This is a tradition that shows the generosity of Read more

Free Vacations for Returning Troops

Operation Rest and Relax has been organizing all-expenses paid vacations for servicemembers and their families when they return from their deployments.

“I had never dreamed that this would be as large as it’s become,” Dr. Grant Evans said, the founder of Operation R&R. “We have upwards of 400 owners now that have donated a free week of ocean front homes and condos. We have 60 restaurant owners; we have 35 business owners that offer 50% up to 100% discounts.  And we have close to 200 greeter couples which are couples we assign to a family.”

Currently, the operation is strictly local, helping out only servicemembers specifically assigned to Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Bases, and the Beaufort Marine Air Base.  Servicemembers eligible must also be married, and only immediate family can accompany them.

You can learn more from their website.