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Christians Fear Discrimination over Anti-Discrimination Ordinance

As noted at Fox News, Christians in Memphis reportedly fear they will be the victims of discrimination if an anti-discrimination ordinance is passed.  A local church which made news when it banned a softball team with a homosexual coach is apparently concerned it would be cut off from interaction with government entities, or be subject to sanction, should it continue to support its religious beliefs that oppose homosexual conduct.

Most interesting, however, is the response by the homosexual advocacy group that sponsored the bill to the church’s concern:

[Jonathan] Cole [of the Tennessee Equality Project] stressed that his group is willing to make some concessions and perhaps offer churches an exemption from the proposed law.

“We’re willing to start somewhere by giving them an exemption,” he said. “At least for the time being.”

For the time being?”

Ministry Asks Congress to Keep Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Coral Ridge Ministries, a media outreach group founded by the late D. James Kennedy, sent a letter to Congress asking them not to change the current policy on homosexuals in the military, popularly called “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

The conservative Christian group based in Fort Lauderdale says efforts this week to repeal the 1993 law limiting gay and lesbian service represent “a direct assault on the military’s good order, discipline, unit cohesion, recruitment, retention and morale.”  Read more

Retired Chaplains Oppose DADT Repeal

The Alliance Defense Fund has previously stated its position that the “repeal” of DADT would ultimately result in untenable conflicts between the moral, religious positions of military Chaplains and the new policy.  The ADF is now publicizing a 6-page letter signed by 41 “distinguished” Chaplains opposing the policy change.

The letter says, in essence, that if homosexuals were allowed to serve openly by direct military policy, the Chaplains would be forced to choose “to obey God or to obey men.”  Chaplains would be forced to avoid preaching on certain topics, or would face Read more

General Pace Derided for Moral Stance

General Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said in an interview that he believes homosexual acts, like adultery, are immoral.  He has since indicated that he should not have focused on his personal views rather than emphasizing military policy.  Gay advocacy groups demanded he apologize for “insensitivity.”

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