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Transgender Advocates Celebrate Gallup Poll, Ignore Conflicting Data

The homosexual advocacy American Military Partner Association (AMPA) has merged with OutServe-SLDN to form the Modern Military Association of America. (Apparently, being anything other than heterosexual is “modern.”) The group recently celebrated results from a Gallup poll that appear to show the majority of Americans supporting transgender service in the US military. From their release:

As this survey proves, an overwhelming majority of Americans — including a majority of veterans — agree that what matters is the ability to accomplish the mission, not someone’s gender identity.

While that’s a convenient conclusion, the survey “proves” no such thing.

The survey (available heredoes say that 71% of “national adults” “favor allowing openly transgender men and women to serve in the military?” But look at an important breakdown:

Military veterans: 56% support, 43% oppose
Non-veterans: 73% support, 25% oppose

It would seem people who have actually served in the military are Read more

Military Officers Among Top of “Honesty and Ethics Survey”

Gallup’s annual survey of the American perceptions of the honesty and ethical standards of professions shows “military officers” at #2, with 73% “very high/high,” behind only nurses.

For contrast, police were at 57% high/very high, lawyers at 17%, and Congress at 9%, just above car salesmen.

It would appear, despite scandals and press to the contrary, the American public continues to view military leadership as morally upright and honorable.  Obviously, it should — if society every views its military otherwise, it should take action to correct that ethical failure.

Those who are the physical guardians of the nation cannot be morally destitute, else they will no longer be trustworthy guardians of anything.