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Somali Muslim Arrested for Terror Plot in Ohio

Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud, a naturalized US citizen from Somalia, was recently arraigned on charges he wanted to kill US Soldiers on American soil. [Update 2018: Mohamud was sentenced to 22 years.]

Mohamud talked about doing something big in the United States. He wanted to go to a military base in Texas and kill three or four American soldiers execution style.

More than a dozen attacks have been planned or executed against the US military in recent years — by men motivated by their Islamic faith — including some by members of the military itself:  Read more

Guilty Plea in Plot to Fly Remote Plane into Pentagon

Rezwan Ferdaus, planner of one of 12 terrorist plots against the US military by people apparently motivated by their Islamic faith, pleaded guilty to plotting to blow up the Pentagon by flying a remote controlled airplane into it laden with explosives.

Under a plea agreement, federal prosecutors agreed to drop four other charges. Prosecutors and Ferdaus’ lawyers also agreed to jointly recommend a 17-year prison term…

Siegmann said there were two main parts of his plan: to blow up the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol using remote-controlled planes and to kill American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan using improvised explosive devices detonated Read more

Frankfurt Airport Shooter Sentenced to Life in Prison

Arid Uka had confessed to shooting unarmed American airmen at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, as a result of “Islamist propaganda.”  Under the process of German law, Uka was still required to be tried.

Uka was found guilty (with “severe guilt”) and sentenced to life in prison.  In Germany, that means he’ll serve 18-20 years before he’s eligible for parole.

That was the maximum sentence available.

Robert Cuddeback, Zachary’s father…said he was Read more

Frankfurt Airport Shooter No Longer “Believes in Jihad”

Arid Uka, accused in the murder of two members of the US Air Force at the Frankfurt airport in Germany, now says he does not believe Islam permits violence beyond self-defense.

While Arid Uka still prays and considers himself a Muslim, he said Wednesday he was duped by extremist propaganda and no longer believes his religion permits violence, except in self-defense.  He added that shooting the airmen was not permitted by his religion.

This change of heart is somewhat unique, as some other recent Read more

Uka Confesses to Killing US Airmen

The accused Frankfurt airport shooter, Arid Uka, has reportedly told the court in Germany that he did kill US Airmen Nicholas Alden and Zachary Cuddeback.  But he doesn’t understand.

[Uka said] he regrets shooting dead two US airmen and wounding two more at Frankfurt airport in March, and does not understand why he did it.

[He] told the court he was influenced by Islamist “lies and propaganda that blinded me”.
“What I did was wrong, but I cannot Read more

Frankfurt Shooter Trial Begins August 31st

The trial of Arid Uka, accused in the murder of two US Airmen and wounding of two others at the Frankfurt airport is set to begin at the end of August.

Authorities have said Uka confessed shortly after his capture to wanting to kill American troops because of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan.

Killed were Senior Airman Nicholas Alden and Airman 1st Class Zachary Cuddeback.

Uka faces a possible life sentence.  As previously noted, his is one of nine recent “soft target” attacks/attempted attacks on the US military, some by members of the military, all apparently motivated in some part by their Islamic faith.

Trust is a Casualty: Abdo Makes Eighth Attack/Attempt on Military

Update:  This post has been corrected here; the actual number of attacks/attempted attacks is nine, not eight.

Following the arrest of PFC Naser Abdo on charges he planned to kill Soldiers at Fort Hood in what has been described as a “terror attack,” a local paper says “trust is a casualty” for the military and Islamic communities, describing a tension between non-Islamic Soldiers and their Muslim comrades.

Some may not realize Abdo’s arrest marks eight recent attacks or attempted attacks on the US military by assailants who have apparently been motivated by their Islamic faith. Half of those attacks or attempted attacks have been by members of the US military:  Read more

Germany Files Charges in Frankfurt Airport Attack

Murder charges have been filed against Arid Uka, a 21 year old Albanian who is accused of opening fire on US servicemembers traveling through the Frankfurt airport in Germany, shouting “Allahu Akbar” as he killed two American airmen and wounded two others.

The indictment indicates Uka was a Muslim “radicalized by jihadist propaganda:”

Authorities have said that Uka confessed shortly after his capture at the airport to wanting to kill American troops because of the U.S. involvement in Afghanistan.

According to the indictment, Uka was radicalized over time by jihadist propaganda he saw on the Internet, Read more

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