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Army Islamic Objector Charged with Child Pornography

According to a variety of websites (including his own Facebook page), US Army PFC Nasser Abdo was granted status as a conscientious objector.  (His case was previously noted.)

Two days later, his discharge was put on hold as he was charged with possession of child pornography as a result of 34 images on his government-issued computer.  The criminal investigation has reportedly been going on for months; Abdo claims the charges are part of a continuing pattern of discrimination.

As discussed previously, Michael Weinstein has remained silent during Abdo’s application for discharge (even after Abdo became his “fan” on Facebook) — despite the Read more

Fort Hood Youth Group Designs Chaplain Statue

A youth ministry group was responsible for the design and creation of a 1,200 pound bronze statue that will soon grace the US Army Chaplain’s School in Fort Jackson, SC:

The statue was designed and created by a group of Fort Hood kids and teens under the direction of Steve Carter, who runs [Fort Hood’s Chapel Ministry] Bob’s Diner, a middle and high school youth ministry group. Weekly Arts Nights are held at the “diner,” where youth explore and create music, drama and art in a faith-based environment.

Carter noted one of the purposes of the design was to highlight the “immediacy” of the Chaplaincy.  The statue captures a moment immediately after a battle, in which a Chaplain is able to comfort a grieving Soldier.  As has been noted before, Chaplains are literally on the front lines of US military conflicts, serving those who serve.

Read more about Bob’s DinerPhoto credit: Rachel Parks, Fort Hood Public Affairs.

Army Will Punish Hasan’s Superiors

Various news outlets are reporting that the US Army has decided to punish military officers who expressed concern about Maj Nidal Malik Hasan’s behavior and officership — yet continued to give him glowing performance reports.

The Army announced…it will punish nine officers in connection with the Fort Hood shootings for “leadership failures relating to the career of Maj. Hasan.”

The Army statement indicates the officers may still get “due process” in responding to the “severity” of the action against them.

There may be a tragic irony in officers being punished for “failures” that led to Hasan’s conduct — when Hasan himself has yet to even be put on trial.  Most websites still say “alleged” with respect to Hasan, giving deference to the mantra of “innocent until proven guilty.”

Two USAF Airmen Killed in Frankfurt Attack

Multiple news sources reported on the attack in Frankfurt, Germany, that killed two US Air Force airmen and seriously wounded two more.  Said President Obama:

“I’m saddened and I am outraged by this attack that took the lives of two Americans and wounded two others.  I think the American people are united in expressing our gratitude for the service of those who were lost.  I want everybody to understand that we will spare no effort in learning how this outrageous act took place and in working with German authorities to ensure that all of the perpetrators are brought to justice.”

The Airmen were reportedly USAF Security Forces in transit from Lakenheath Read more

Report: Fort Hood Attack Enabled by Political Correctness

As noted at the Christian Science Monitor,

A Senate report on the Fort Hood attack suggests that the Army failed to heed warnings about the prime suspect because it was wary of singling out a devout Muslim.

The article and report seem to implicate that a fear of being accused of racial profiling may have discouraged pursuing what should have been “red flags.”  (This has long been discussed.)  The Senate solution:  Call it what it is.

The enemy — Islamist extremists — must be labeled correctly and explicitly, the report said, in order for the military Read more

Former DoD IG Warns on Chaplain Vetting

Former Department of Defense Inspector General Joseph Schmitz has reportedly written a letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein (Chair of the Intelligence Committee) highlighting concerns with Chaplain-vetting in the US military.  He particularly emphasized the Islamic Society of North America and Louay Safi, whose direct role with the US military has been discussed here before.  (The investigation of Safi by NCIS was apparently handed to the Army, who dropped it because he was a civilian.)

Interestingly, this is not the first time this issue has been raised.  In fact, the Army’s report on the Fort Hood massacre made similar implications.

Via the Army Chaplaincy blog and FoxNews.

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