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David Barton Speaks at Military Prayer Breakfast, and Chris Rodda Doesn’t Notice

After Michael “Mikey” Weinstein recently decried the National Prayer Breakfasts at both Fort Jackson and Whiteman AFB, one might have thought US troops were stumbling over each other to beg for his help in the face of religious oppression and pancakes.

In actuality, National Prayer Breakfasts are happening at military facilities around the country — entirely without incident. Even the ones Weinstein complained about so boisterously occurred without so much as a ripple.

Why the disconnect? Aside from the obvious answer that Weinstein doesn’t always tell the truth, the simple fact is US service members aren’t coming to Weinstein in droves to complain about these events — or anything else, for that matter — despite Weinstein’s claims to the contrary.

Rather, Mikey Weinstein finds out about an event — even if just from a simple internet news alert — socializes it among his followers to create “complainants”, and then tries to ride the complaints about the event for publicity (and his personal benefit, of course).

In other words, the “complaints” are essentially manufactured. But for Mikey Read more

US Army Says Soldier “Erred” in Treatment over Christian Concert

According to various reports, a US Army Staff Sergeant marched a group of Soldiers to a voluntary Christian concert put on by BarlowGirl at Fort Eustis.  When some said they didn’t want to attend, they were marched back to their barracks and told to stay there, without access to their personal electronics and nothing to do but clean the barracks.

This was a result of a “miscommunication,” according to the Army; there was no “malicious” or even “intentional” act.

The company commander found out Read more

Soldiers Claim Retribution over Christian Concert

According to the Army Times, the US Army is investigating claims that Soldiers were punished when they declined to attend a concert by a Christian music group in May

The Army said Friday it was investigating a claim that dozens of soldiers who refused to attend a Christian band’s concert at a Virginia military base were banished to their barracks and told to clean them up.

Interestingly, the punishment was reportedly telling the Soldiers to go back to their barracks.

As others have noted elsewhere, this “scandal” may be a result of  Read more