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Faithful, Churches Aim to Serve, Influence US Military

Two recent articles, among others, demonstrate the strength of the relationship between the US military and the local church — especially churches that go out of their way to serve the military community.

The relationship between the military and Manna Church in Fayetteville — outside Fort Bragg — was documented at Religion News Service:

This dynamic megachurch is similar to many others across the country, except for this: 70 percent of church members are military families based at Fort Bragg, the nation’s largest military installation. And despite a rapid turnover of members, due to deployments, retirements and transfers to other bases, the evangelical church has not only held steady, but grown.

Manna Church actually spreads Read more

Fort Bragg Headstone Recalls the Creator

When a highway was widened on Fort Bragg several years ago, “prehistoric remains” were recovered:

The only surviving remains came from the hardest part of the body – tooth enamel – estimated to date to 5,000 B.C.

The discovery of the remains, coupled with requirements of a 1990 law known as the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, spurred a partnership with modern Indian tribes…

Ultimately, Fort Bragg worked with the tribes to Read more

Harassed by Mikey Weinstein, Part 7: You’re Being Watched

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein has demonstrated an obsession with ChristianFighterPilot.com — at least, insomuch as he wants to lodge complaints about this site mere minutes after content is published.

Presumably, the time he spends monitoring this site is part of the reason Mikey Weinstein has paid himself nearly $1.95 million to date from the donations his charity receives. It turns out, though, that he’s not the only one he drags into rapid-response.

It seems Mikey Weinstein has had his lawyer, Randy Mathis, on speed-dial. On 30 August 2011, an article was posted here entitled “Military Atheists Miss the Mark with Chaplain “Humor”“. The article discussed the “first act” of then-US Army Sergeant Justin Griffith, who had just become “military director” for American Atheists.

For his opening volley, Griffith had chosen to denigrate US military chaplains and their service — and sacrifice — to their country. The article rebutted his claims — noting, for example, that multiple chaplains had received the Medal of Honor.

Mikey didn’t like it.

The Air Force soon received a letter from Randy Mathis. Not Read more

Critics Target US Military Chapel Services. Again.

A video (which you can watch here) of US Marines worshiping God to Days of Elijah — complete with “oorah!” added to the lyrics — went “viral” a week or so ago, spreading across the internet in a bold display of faith and freedom.

And a few atheists really didn’t like that.

It seems Rock Beyond Belief — a one-hit wonder that staged an underwhelming stage show at Fort Bragg — has degraded into a repository of atheists bellyaching about Christians exercising their religious freedom while serving in the US military. Having learned about the video, their Facebook page launched an “investigation” — because some Marines in the video “don’t appear happy to be there, as if they were forced:”  Read more

Chaplains Visit Billy Graham Library, Refocus Ministry

Seven chaplains from Fort Bragg recently visited the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC, helping them “refocus” their ministry:

“Praise God we’ve got to go through the cross to get in there,” Capt. Mike Krog said, referring to the cross-shaped glass entrance to the Library…

The men–all paratroopers who have served overseas–were eager to take the Library’s Journey of Faith tour which documents how God used Billy Graham, the son of a dairy farmer, to reach millions around the world with the Gospel.

The military is a “rigorous mission field,” and the chaplains Read more

Hill AFB Offers Chapel, not Chaplains, for Homosexual Ceremonies

In the continuing search for eventful news about the “non-event” of homosexuality in the US military, a few news outlets were quick to ping Hill Air Force Base after Utah’s ban on homosexual “marriage” was overturned:

With same-sex marriage legal in Utah, Hill Air Force Base has become one of the few U.S. military installations where such unions can be performed.

It would seem the press was steps ahead even of those who were interested:

As of Thursday, no same-sex marriages had occurred at Hill, said base spokesman Richard Essary…

The base may yet see a whiplash, as the entire Read more

Military Atheists Target Fellow Religious Troops. Again.

In what appears to be a trend, a few atheist members of the US military seem to have taken on a “militant” practice of their faith — by aggressively going after their fellow religious troops.

In May 2012, Army Sgt Justin Griffith led his “internet atheists” against a prayer event hosted by the families of his fellow Fort Bragg Soldiers — while those families’ Soldiers were deployed to Afghanistan.

In March 2013, an Air Force Chief Master Sergeant proudly announced that he’d purged his squadron of posters for “Christian” events — even official events sponsored by MWR.

In August 2013, Captain Sara Sharick — an Army recruiter — indicated she might use her Army position to try to steer a potential recruit away from his school of choice, Christian-founded Liberty University, because it was home to “the crazies.”

Later in August, Daniel Smith — a civilian commissary store director — claimed the presence of Gideon Bibles in Air Force Inns was unconstitutional.  He lodged complaints with the intent of removing those Bibles, so traveling active duty Airmen wouldn’t have access to them.

Now, another incident from earlier this year has recently come to light.

It seems another Army atheist took issue with his fellow Soldiers and their families  Read more

Grant Lets Soldiers Become Truck Drivers

As was noted here years ago, Air Force student pilots are often “tempted” to quit their training (or encouraged to continue, depending how you think about it) with the placement of truck driving school ads in conspicuous places.  The ads hanging on pilot training walls are only half-joking.

Now it seems a federal grant has enabled Soldiers from Fort Bragg — many of whom were transpo drivers in the Army — to get a commercial drivers license as they transition to civilian life:  Read more

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