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Tebow Statue includes Bible Verses on Eye Blacks

If being a Heisman Trophy winner wasn’t enough to give former University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow a life-long Biblical legacy, a new statue might do it.

Tebow is now immortalized along with two other alumni Heisman winners in a 17,000 pound bronze statue.  The life-size statue is an “accurate” depiction of the new NFL player — including the sometimes-controversial “John 3:16” on his eye blacks.  The Christian Post reports the University of Florida has indicated support for the statues has been “overwhelmingly positive.”

USAFA Cadet Returns from Mission with New Life View

Stephan Atrice is one of about 100 Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) cadets at the Air Force Academy.  He recently returned from his 2-year mission, serving and preaching in the Caribbean and Central America.

The academy has about 100 Mormon cadets, and it allows them to leave school for a mission within their first two years. Atrice’s mission took him primarily to Puerto Rico, but he also traveled to Aruba, Curacao and the Dominican Republic.

Atrice, who once dreamed of being a football star, reportedly returned to USAFA with a different focus on life:  Read more

The Faith of Champion TCU Football Quarterback Dalton

In the pattern of Tim Tebow, a local article documents the faith of Andy Dalton, the long-running quarterback of the TCU Horned Frogs.  After an already championship season (including a handy defeat of Air Force), Dalton’s finale was leading TCU to win the Rose Bowl on New Years Day — but, Dalton’s “legacy” is more than football.

But Dalton will not only leave a massive football legacy behind at TCU, he’ll leave a spiritual mark as well.  Read more

Tony Dungy, Uncompromising

The Baptist Press notes the recent controversy that erupted when Tony Dungy criticized New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan’s common use of profanity.

On a nationally broadcast radio show in mid-August, Dungy was asked by the host what he thought of Ryan’s use of several curse words in a constant pattern on a nationally televised reality show about the New York Jets.

Dungy told the host he didn’t approve of the bad language and would not have hired Ryan or anybody on his staff when he coached who used those words.

In Dungy’s defense, his statement was a direct response to a question, and Read more

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