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The Language of the Fighter Pilot: YGBSM

Much of the fighter pilot lexicon is not suitable for the ears of Mom or the kids.  When translated, this is one of those terms.

YGBSM is short for “You Gotta Be Sh-tting Me,” which is obviously a term of shock, disbelief, or resignation at a realization of institutional stupidity.  Where did it come from, and why is it so popular in the fighter pilot community?

Lt Col Allen Lamb, USAF (ret.), wrote a first person account about being one of the Air Force’s (the world’s) first SAM-killers, otherwise known as “Wild Weasels:”   Read more

Air Force Tanker Pilot Awarded 19th Air Medal

A US Air Force article highlights the story of Major Josh Brown, a KC-135 pilot who has earned his 19th Air Medal:

Brown flew his final combat sortie for this deployment July 30, qualifying him to receive the 18th oak leaf cluster for his Air Medal.

The Air Medal is awarded for single acts of heroism or meritorious achievements while participating in aerial flight in support of operations…

In layman’s terms, Air Medals are handed out for one of two things:  unique, heroic events…or for flying a certain Read more

F-16 Runs Off Runway at Oshkosh

A formation of Alabama Air National Guard F-16s landed at Oshkosh’s EAA AirVenture 2011 last week.  Important safety tip:  If you’re landing in front of a crowd at an airshow on a minimum-length runway, don’t land hot.  Number 2 couldn’t quite get it stopped before the concrete ran out and ended up folding a nose gear in the mud.

Amateur video at YouTube

Even the crowd was critiquing his landing.

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