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Fired Enterprise Captain Gets to Stay in Navy

According to the Navy Times, the “show cause” board reviewing the case of former commanding officer of the carrier USS Enterprise, CAPT Owen Honors, has recommended he be allowed to remain in the Navy.

The three-admiral board unanimously agreed Honors committed misconduct, failed to demonstrate acceptable qualities of leadership required of an officer in his grade and failed to conform to prescribed standards of military deportment. But it also voted 3-0 that Honors “be retained in the naval service.”

Honors’ attorney, Charles Gittins, said “O.P. is pleased” that he gets to stay in the Navy.

The article notes that Honors has highlighted himself in the face of upcoming force reduction boards, so he may eventually be forced to retire anyway.

Fired Enterprise CO Seeks Support

The Navy Times notes US Navy CAPT Owen Honors, relieved of his command of the carrier USS Enterprise, has started a website requesting statements of support.

The site indicates he will face a board of inquiry to determine his future in the Navy — or under what circumstances he will leave the service.

On a related note, and without a hint of irony, the Washington Times published an article noting the US Navy has become “too politically correct for ‘old salts’.”  Of course, it also makes reference to a recent patch circulating among the “young” salts after Read more

Admirals Fired, Officers Censured over Enterprise Investigation

Various news reports indicate the US Navy has punished or counseled upward of 40 personnel for their roles in the creation of the videos by US Navy Captain Owen Honors, formerly commander of the USS Enterprise.  Those officers include Honors, as well as CAPT John Dixon, who replaced him as XO, and Admirals Ron Horton and Larry Rice, who were Honors’ superiors while he was XO.

Admiral Horton was fired from his position in the Pacific Fleet after the release of the investigation’s report.  For his part Honors will now have to prove he is fit to remain in the Navy.

[Admiral John] Harvey, who met with reporters…to announce the actions, also said that he recommended that Honors face a “show-cause” board that would decide whether to allow him Read more

Fired Navy Captain Honors Not Retiring, or Backing Down

US Navy CAPT Owen Honors, recently fired skipper of the USS Enterprise due to videos he produced and starred in several years ago, has indicated he will not retire from the Navy.

According to reports, Admiral John Harvey has recommended Honors be “discharged for cause.”

In terms of what lies ahead for Honors, [attorney Charles] Gittins said the two-year statute of limitations for a captain’s mast has passed, so the Navy’s only options for further formal punishment would be to take Honors to court-martial or to hold a board Read more

Admiral’s Retirement on Hold During Video Investigation

Several sources report that Rear Admiral Larry Rice’s February 1 retirement has been put on hold while his role in the USS Enterprise “XO Movie Night” video brouhaha is investigated.  Rice was one of two commanders of the Enterprise, and CAPT Honors superior, when the videos that caused Honors’ dismissal were aired.

The USS Enterprise, in the meantime, has left on its scheduled deployment.  CAPT Dee Mewbourne reportedly promised to boost morale by other means:

The new commander of the USS Enterprise on Thursday promised karaoke and video games to boost crew morale instead of the raunchy videos…

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