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Faithful, Churches Aim to Serve, Influence US Military

Two recent articles, among others, demonstrate the strength of the relationship between the US military and the local church — especially churches that go out of their way to serve the military community.

The relationship between the military and Manna Church in Fayetteville — outside Fort Bragg — was documented at Religion News Service:

This dynamic megachurch is similar to many others across the country, except for this: 70 percent of church members are military families based at Fort Bragg, the nation’s largest military installation. And despite a rapid turnover of members, due to deployments, retirements and transfers to other bases, the evangelical church has not only held steady, but grown.

Manna Church actually spreads Read more

Gen Boykin on Memorial Day and the Missing Man Table

Just prior to Memorial Day retired LtGen William “Jerry” Boykin wrote a column in the Washington Times entitled “Rolling Thunder, ‘Missing Man’ tables and the Bible.” Rolling Thunder is the annual arrival in Washington, DC, or thousands of motorcyclists at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Gen Boykin notes Rolling Thunder also supports Missing Man or POW/MIA Tables around the country — something certain government agencies have actually made more difficult.

After noting the traditional makeup fo the POW/MIA table, Boykin said: Read more

Eglin AFB Removes Bible from Waiting Room. Leaves People Magazine.

In a shocking capitulation to an anti-Christian activist, the US Air Force removed a Bible from the pile of reading material in a medical waiting room because Michael “Mikey” Weinstein was offended over its mere presence:


A Bible has been removed from the waiting room of Eglin Air Force Base Allergy and Immunization Clinic after a military retiree contacted the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and expressed concern.

Faced with the apparently unsolvable legal conundrum about what to do with a Bible in public, the Eglin AFB leadership declined to make the decision themselves:  Read more

Christian Fighter Pilot, Astronaut Shares the Gospel

Retired USAF Col James Dutton was an F-15 fighter pilot and pilot of STS-131 Discovery in 2010. He’s now joined the board of directors of Faith Comes by Hearing, a group whose goal is to create audio Bibles for the world:

“The greatest experience in my life has not been flying in space,” he says. “It’s when I came to faith in Jesus Christ…What I want to do with the second half of my life is help other people to understand who he is and to grapple with the truths of the Bible…”

Col Dutton spoke at an Eglin AFB prayer breakfast in 2012 and Read more

First QF-16 Downed as Target

After it just recently served as a surface-to-air target for the first time, the Air Force announced the first successful downing of the pilotless QF-16 drone:

The first unmanned QF-16 Viper struck down over the Gulf of Mexico Sept. 5 was part of a joint effort between the Test and Training Division at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., and the 82nd Aerial Target Squadron here at Tyndall.

The QF-16 is slated to eventually replace the current QF-4 full-scale drones. Read more

Eglin AFB Allows Civilians to Display Duck Dynasty Stickers

As reported at FoxNews, the union representing civilian employees at Eglin Air Force Base demanded the removal of two “senior management officials” because they displayed “I Support Phil” stickers.

Alan Cooper, the executive vice president of the local chapter of the American Federation of Government Employees, said one of the officials also displayed the “I Support Phil” decals in his office last month and offered them to subordinates.

“The BUE (bargaining union employee) was clearly offended and disgusted that a senior management official would display Read more

Faith an ROE for Success in the Military

Chief Master Sgt. (ret.) Walter Richardson, one of the original Tuskegee Airmen, addressed the Eglin Air Force Prayer Breakfast in February, which the article summarized as calling faith an “ROE for success.”  Chief Richardson described his reliance on faith from basic training to his deployments around the world.

“We have a manual that describes the way to be successful, the Holy Bible,” said the Tuskegee Airman…”

Holding on to two verses, one about keeping God first in all things and the other advising to trust God in all ways over your own intelligence, are the backdrop to the challenges Richardson faced as part the first group of racially integrated military members…

 Read more.


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