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Mikey Weinstein Targets AF Gen John Teichert over Christianity

Update: Covered by Todd Starnes, who apparently received a visit from Gen Teichert while Starnes was in the hospital.

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s latest target in his war against Christians in the US military — despite his repeated assurances he is not attacking Christians — is US Air Force BGen E. John Teichert.

Until last month, BGen Teichert was the commander of the 11th Wing and Joint Base Andrews in the Washington, DC, area — home to the presidential fleet of aircraft, among other things. He recently took command of the 412th Test Wing at Edwards AFB, CA.

Though it is difficult to tell exactly, it seems Mikey Weinstein is trying to accuse BGen Teichert of using his rank and position to convert people to Christianity, though it took a tortured, cynical, and twisted series of steps to come to that conclusion.

The difficulty is poorly laid out in the 22-page letter [PDF] written by Read more

Fired Navy Captain Honors Not Retiring, or Backing Down

US Navy CAPT Owen Honors, recently fired skipper of the USS Enterprise due to videos he produced and starred in several years ago, has indicated he will not retire from the Navy.

According to reports, Admiral John Harvey has recommended Honors be “discharged for cause.”

In terms of what lies ahead for Honors, [attorney Charles] Gittins said the two-year statute of limitations for a captain’s mast has passed, so the Navy’s only options for further formal punishment would be to take Honors to court-martial or to hold a board Read more

Disney Fighter Pilot Movie in the Works?

Edwards Public Affairs recently wrote on a visit by animators from Walt Disney Studios in nearby Burbank, CA.

The artists, a group of Disney animators, visited the base Nov. 18 for developmental research on a feature film idea…

Driven by research, the Disney animators paid close attention to the shape and design of the F-22 in order to help them produce an authentic aircraft with “militaristic sensibilities,” should they pursue their film idea.

Edwards AFB is a popular site for movies, and has previously been used to film various portions of Iron Man and Transformers.

F-22 Crashes in Alaska

Elmendorf Air Force Base reported the loss of an F-22 late Tuesday night.  The crash site was discovered Wednesday, and news releases from the base indicate crews are continuing to search for signs the pilot may have ejected and survived.

It appears the mishap aircraft was executing a rejoin at the end of a night sortie when it simply, and quietly, disappeared.

Elmendorf AFB recently lost a C-17 and its four crewmembers.  The last F-22 to crash was at Edwards AFB; the pilot did not survive.