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Activists Call Troops a Threat to the Military in Attacks on Mark Green

Homosexual activists and their supporters continued an (ongoing) campaign to try to make it look as though Tennessee Senator Mark Green, President Trump’s nominee for Secretary of the Army, was not only a ‘hater,’ but also facing increasing opposition in an apparently doomed nomination.

Neither is true, and these activists have done little more than reveal their own privilege and bigotry in the process.

Ashley Broadway-Mack’s American Military Partner Association — which Read more

BGen Kristin Goodwin Public Statement on Sexuality

Contrary to the misrepresentations of a few critics, the previous article that mentioned Col Kristin Goodwin simply asked a rhetorical question.  It was also an explicitly academic question — given that, as it plainly said, any answer would ultimately be irrelevant.

Most people understood the greater (and explicitly stated) philosophical, academic, and moral points of the article that, as it plainly said, spoke to general cultural and social norms — save for some who seemed to have read it with predisposed prejudices about the Christian faith.

That said, US Air Force BGen(S) Kristin Goodwin has apparently “authorized” a statement of sorts regarding her sexuality. The statement came through Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s Military Religious Freedom Foundation, not through the Air Force: Read more

Michael Weinstein Endorses Homophobic Website in Rant

Michael Weinstein, who runs his self-styled Military Religious Freedom Foundation “charity,” recently endorsed a “horrendously homophobic” website — at least, according to his own standards.

Last week, Weinstein complained that the US Air Force Academy had linked to a website called JewFAQ.  The page it linked to was benign, and did exactly what the USAFA page intended, explaining the religious holiday in question.  On other pages, however, the website had the gall to describe teachings from the Talmud.  Though this might have shocked Weinstein — a self-described “Jewish agnostic” — most normal readers were not likely surprised to read Jewish beliefs on a Jewish website.

Weinstein and his acolytes took particular umbrage with one reference, however.  Quoth Weinstein:  Read more

First Post-DADT Study Shows No Negative Impact

The Palm Center, an activist group that advocated for repeal of the policy known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” has publicized a “study” (PDF) it conducted that purports to put to bed claims that open service by homosexuals in the US military will ever be anything other than a “non-event,” based on an analysis of the “one-year mark.”

The first academic study of the effects of repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell” (DADT) has found that the new policy of open service has had no overall negative impact on military readiness, unit cohesion, recruitment, retention or morale…

While the story is being repeated in a couple of places, it seems few have actually read the report.  For example, the “academic study” is based on the following samples:

  • 11 interviews with Generals who opposed repeal
  • 1 interview with a “public opponent” of repeal  Read more

USAFA Faculty Underwriting Attacks on USAFA?

Michael Weinstein and his self-founded MRFF have occasionally cried foul at the participation by US Air Force Academy members in groups sponsored by off-base organizations.  The most recent was a small Bible study going by the name Cadets for Christ.  Officers’ Christian Fellowship, Campus Crusade, and the entire SPIRE system have also been criticized.

Weinstein appears to have his own inroads to the Academy, however.  He routinely publicizes information privy only to those at USAFA, and he cites “hundreds” of staff and cadets as party to his complaints.  In fact, just yesterday Weinstein cited an “anonymous” USAFA faculty member to support his latest charge against USAFA.  (Weinstein complained the MRFF wasn’t invited to the USAFA “religious respect” conference — while simultaneously calling that same conference “propaganda.”)

Some of the people he cites are not without influence.  A few who have made themselves known after leaving USAFA:  Read more