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Mikey Weinstein Mocked by Duffel Blog. Again.

Yesterday the Duffel Blog — a military-themed site in the flavor of the satirical Onion — announced that the US Air Force had removed baptism as a requirement for graduation from basic training:

The Air Force announced today that it would no longer require recruits to become baptized Christians in order to graduate basic training following yet another bout of criticism over bias from Air Force leaders who identify as evangelicals…

“The Air Force Academy…has outsourced all science and engineering classes to Focus on the Family,” said MRFF President Mikey Weinstein…“We’ve got a generation of aviators and potential astronauts who think that gravity is the devil trying to suck them down into hell and that Elijah’s magic chariot dust is what propels them into the air.”

Now, it’s clear to everyone else that the Duffel Blog is mocking Mikey’s continuous — and vastly overblown — accusations that the Air Force is secretly turning into an evangelical church. But it is unlikely Weinstein Read more

US Army Makes Non-Sexual Announcement of New Secretary

The US Army announced that Eric Fanning had been confirmed as the newest Secretary of the Army:

Eric Fanning was sworn in, May 18, as the 22nd secretary of the Army during a small Pentagon ceremony.

The Army’s announcement was notable because it was probably the only one in the entire news cycle that made no mention of Fanning’s homosexuality.

Every single media article on Fanning led off with the fact he is homosexual. The media focus on his sexual preference was so obvious even the Duffelblog weighed Read more

Military Religious Freedom Makes the DuffelBlog

Apparently, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein has arrived.

The DuffelBlog — the military-themed takeoff of the satirical Onion website — riffed the recent controversy over the Guantanamo Bay Nativity scenes with a fake article entitled “Detainee Live-Action Christmas Diorama at Guantanamo Triggers Controversy.”

The site, which some might consider offensive but apparently has a Pentagon fanbase, built a satirical tale for most of the article, but finished without really having to embellish all that much:

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation was circulating an anonymous e-mail from eighteen other guards that went even further, referring to “the blatantly unconstitutional activities we’ve seen aboard Guantanamo. Obviously we’re referring to the nativity scene in the chow hall…”  Read more