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The Interfaith US Military, According to the Huffington Post

The Huffington Post had a photo collection “celebrat[ing] the religious diversity of the military” on Veteran’s Day.  Their list:

Jewish Chaplain Considers Messianic Jews

The issue of US military chaplains being Messianic Jews boiled over several years ago.  Ultimately, the Navy decided that a Messianic-Jewish chaplain-candidate had to wear the Christian cross as a religious symbol, rather than the Jewish tablets he wanted.  He chose to resign instead, and no one else has stepped forward to continue the controversy.

Still, there are Messianic Jews within the military, and Chaplain David Frommer wrote about his experiences while deployed to Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, when he discovered that one of the half-dozen Jews in his congregation was Messianic.

one of the Jewish civilian contractors arrived with a personal box of Havdalah supplies, prepared to conduct the service on his own in the room across the hall. He was one of my favorite congregants and had enthusiastically participated in all the services and classes I had offered…“It’s so Read more

Army Chaplain Spreads Faith in Kuwait

In the words of an official US Army news article, a military chaplain “spreads his faith” during his deployment to Kuwait:

When [Chaplain (1LT) David] Frommer is not directing services, the Yale University graduate with Third Army/ARCENT’s assistance has been able to administer religious support to Soldiers throughout Kuwait and Afghanistan, as well as have service members transported to Camp Arifjan for spiritual guidance.

Chaplain Frommer is described as the US Army’s first “cantor,” Read more