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Retired General, Current Chaplain Face off in Congress

As previously noted, the House resolution to allow military chaplains to serve their congregations — rather than ban them from chapels during the congressional impasse — was proposed by Rep Doug Collins (R-Ga). It was passed in a 400-1 vote.  The lone opponent: Rep William Enyart (D-Il).

Rep Collins is a current Air Force Reserve chaplain with a rank of Major.

Rep Enyart is a retired Major General in the National Guard.

(Coincidentally, Gen Enyart was replaced as Adjutant General of the Illinois ANG by BG Daniel Krumrei — a chaplain.)

Explaining his lone dissenting vote, Rep Enyart said  Read more

Report: Chaplain Appointed Illinois Adjutant General

According to the Chicago Tribune, Governor Pat Quinn has appointed Chaplain (MajGen) Daniel Krumrei the Adjutant General of the Illinois National Guard.  The Adjutant General (TAG) acts as the commander of the state’s Guard forces and reports directly to the Governor.

On one hand, it is fascinating to see a chaplain rise to such a position.

On the other hand, his appointment is a bit confusing and seems hard to square with military regulations.

Under Title 10, which governs the national armed forces, chaplains have, by definition, rank without command.  Thus, by law, a chaplain cannot command Read more

US Military Chaplains Minister, Mentor in Africa

Illinois National Guard Chaplains are reportedly part of deployment MEDFLAG 10, a “joint medical exercise aimed at providing humanitarian assistance to the local people” in the African Congo.

While the Chaplains serve their own units, they also have the opportunity to liaise for strategic impact:

In addition to supporting U.S. service members, the ministry team is engaging with chaplains of the armed forces of Congo.

“Our Congolese counterparts showed special interests in discussing areas of trauma, family care and post-traumatic stress,” said Krumrei.

The Illinois National Guard ministry team is conducting a three-day workshop with FARDC chaplains, aiming to bring peace within the country and to the people, said Krumrei.