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Chaplain Goetz Remembered by Colleagues

An article at the LA Times documents an interview with Christy Goetz, wife of Chaplain (Capt) Dale Goetz — the first Chaplain killed in combat since Vietnam.

Salient quotes:

His soldiers say the chaplain died doing what he loved — talking to them, praying with them, helping counsel them through long days and nights of fear and dread. He had been carrying CDs for them to record personal messages to their families.

“Chaplains don’t sit around the big bases waiting for Read more

US Army Chaplain Dale Goetz Remembered

The Army.mil website has photos of a memorial held at Fort Jackson, SC, site of the US Armed Forces Chaplains Center, for US Army Chaplain (Capt) Dale Goetz, recently killed in combat.

Interestingly, the traditional “Soldier’s cross,” formed by an upended rifle, boots, and helmet, was appropriately modified with an actual cross to replace the M-16; the former was carried by the non-combatant Chaplain, the latter was not.

Update: Chaplain Goetz Killed in Afghanistan

Updated with message from Army Chief of Chaplains.

As previously noted, US Army Chaplain (Capt) Dale Goetz was killed in Afghanistan earlier this week.  He evidently died fufilling his pastoral duties as a Chaplain, “fob-hopping” to support his “congregation” of military Soldiers:

Goetz was in a convoy traveling from one forward operating base to another, where he counseled soldiers.

MSNBC reports that he was the first Chaplain killed in combat since Vietnam, not unlike the story of Sgt Chris Stout, the Chaplain assistant killed in Afghanistan in July.  Notably, however, US Army Chaplain Tim Vakoc died in 2009, five years after being wounded in a similar set of circumstances: a roadside bomb on a return trip from ministering to troops.

The Army Chief of Chaplains released the following message:  Read more

US Army Chaplain Killed in Afghanistan

Reports indicate one of the four military members killed in a roadside bomb attack on Monday was Chaplain (Capt) Dale Goetz, US Army.  He was apparently deployed to Afghanistan from Fort Carson, near Colorado Springs, CO.

“He had a great burden for the soldiers,” said Jason Parker, pastor of High Country Baptist Church of Colorado Springs. “His specific prayer request was to see 300 soldiers come to Christ. He was also praying for God to call 10 of those soldiers into the ministry. That was one of his specific prayer requests.

“God was using him. He was very actively witnessing. He didn’t want to be just a social worker. He wanted to see soldiers hear the Gospel and trust Christ.”

He is survived by his wife and three children.