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Chick-Fil-A Closes on Sunday. A Primer on Mikey Weinstein and Hatred.

Curtis Weinstein, third from left, during happier days.

On the Facebook page of the oddly-named Military Religious Freedom Foundation, Curtis Weinstein — a former Air Force officer and heir apparent to his father’s antipathy toward all things Christian — asserted that by not operating their stores on Sundays, the owners of Chick-Fil-A are “pushing their personal religious beliefs on their workers…and even their customers”:

[T]he main issue is that the owners are pushing their personal religious beliefs on their workers by forcing them to close during certain times/days and even their customers. I only seem to want Chick-Gil-A [sic] on a Sunday and can never get them, lol! Why can’t the owners pursue their beliefs without making them systemic within their business, this affecting everyone?

The accusation is inaccurate, of course. Truett Cathy said being closed on Sunday was his way of honoring the Lord; what their employees and customers choose to do is their own business, and outside Chick-Fil-A’s control.  The fact the store is closed has no bearing whatsoever on the religious beliefs or exercise of their employees — except, perhaps, to free them up to actually practice their faith on Sunday, if they so choose.  It is a “neutral” viewpoint, if you will.

Weinstein’s solution to his self-made problem isn’t clear.  Presumably, the government needs to Read more

US Air Force Defends Posters Discussing Value of Faith

The US Air Force’s Air Combat Command summarily rebuffed Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s complaint that it had “compromis[ed] the integrity of its solemn oath” and violated the First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the US Constitution.

Because of a poster.

As reported by the Air Force Times:

A pair of posters that focus on the importance of faith, which have been on display at Air Combat Command headquarters at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia, for years, will not be altered — despite recent complaints about them — according to command officials.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation had contacted the base about removing the posters after complaints from the Langley community.

Weinstein apparently waited for a slow news day to reveal his loss to the Air Force, given that he was initially contacted by the “client” nearly two weeks ago and he normally revels in the Air Force’s immediate reaction.

The Air Force seemed unmoved [emphasis added]:  Read more

Is Mikey Weinstein Really a USAFA Honor Graduate?

mikeyhonorRecently, a brief article addressed a fairly simple question: Did Mikey Weinstein Serve in Combat? The basic answer was “who cares?” — except in those cases in which Weinstein himself tries to play the military/combat card.

That was going to be the end of it.  But Mikey didn’t like it.

Weinstein’s lawyer, Randal “Randy” Mathis, sent a letter the next day expressing Weinstein’s displeasure with one of the closing paragraphs of that article:

You wrote that Mr. Weinstein was not an “Honor Graduate” of the United States Air Force Academy.

If there’s one thing that will raise Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s ire, it’s an affront to his ego — but that’s not exactly what the article said [emphasis added]:  Read more

Did Mikey Weinstein Serve in Combat?

A critic recently took to Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s Facebook page to claim Weinstein had no combat duty and never “fought for this country, only against it.” The slam brought Curtis Weinstein — Mikey Weinstein’s son — out in Dad’s defense.


Curtis Weinstein Actually Gordon, my dad graduated from the United States Air Force Academy as an honor grad in 1977 and became a JAG and once he became a Captain, he was recruited by the Regan [sic] Administration to be one of his lawyers in the White House. Nice try though, it must be hard trying to understand life when you don’t even understand what a “fact” is.

With some grace for his desire to defend his family, Curtis Read more