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Critics Try to Out Retired Gen Bob Dees, Carson Campaign Chairman

Over the past months, a few critics have tried to draw attention to one particular person on the staff of Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson.

Originally his foreign policy advisor, Carson’s new campaign chairman is Bob Dees, a retired US Army Major General and former executive director of Campus Crusade for Christ (now “Cru“) which had a substantial ministry to the US armed forces called Military Ministry (now “CruMilitary“).

As early as November 10th of last year, James Bamford at Foreign Policy described Dees as

a retired general who believes Muslims pose a threat to the U.S., the military should spread Christianity, and Carson should be president.

But the statements that Bamford apparently found ‘disturbing’ were fairly benign:  Read more

Campus Crusade Hosts MRFF’s Atheist Paul Loebe (Video)

Paul Loebe, the former active duty Marine who is now Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s newest “special assistant,” was recently one of two atheists invited to The Epicenter Experience, a college ministry event put on by Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ, a frequent MRFF target). The “conversation” was led by Doug Pollock, and Loebe was (invited and) accompanied by fellow atheist Adam Hann (also a military veteran).

Doug Pollock’s “specialty” is helping Christians “increase the quality and the quantity of their spiritual conversations.”  In other words, how to talk to non-Christians well, which is a natural first step toward evangelism.  Pollock’s conversation with Loebe and Hann was, in essence, a demonstration.

The video of the “conversation” (below), provided by Cru, is actually fairly interesting (and its a fair bit better quality than the ‘pirated audio‘ the MRFF published). Much of the discussion was how Christians had caused the two atheists to feel, from experiences Read more