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One Survivor after Two Pilots Eject from U-2

The US Air Force announced that a U-2 Dragon Lady crashed yesterday after its crew of two ejected. One pilot did not survive:

The aircraft was assigned to 1st Reconnaissance Squadron at Beale Air Force Base, and was on a training mission. Two pilots were onboard and ejected the aircraft.  One pilot is confirmed deceased, while the other sustained injuries.

The U-2 is technically a single-place airplane.  There were 5 aircraft Read more

Navy T-45 Crashes in Texas, Pilots Eject

The US Navy reported that one of its trainers, a T-45C Goshawk, crashed on a training mission Sunday night:

The training aircraft, assigned to Training Squadron (VT) 21, crashed during a routine training mission over Brooks County. County first responders were immediately dispatched to the scene.

A Stars and Stripes report indicated the aircrew were actually Marine officers. The two ejected and were transported to the local hospital.

The crash Read more

USAF F-16 Flown by Taiwanese Pilot Crashes in Arizona

Luke Air Force Base announced that an F-16 flown by a Taiwanese student pilot crashed yesterday morning near Bagdad, Arizona.

The student pilot was being trained in a “high G[-force] maneuver between two aircraft in an air-to-air fight,” Pleus said. The pilot’s instructor was in a separate aircraft.

Such a statement bears the hallmarks of a G-induced Loss of Consciousness, or G-LOC, which has historically incapacitated pilots and left them unable to eject.  Read more

Holloman AFB F-16 Crashes

Last Wednesday, a fledgling F-16 pilot had reason to be thankful when he successfully ejected during a training mission out of Holloman AFB, New Mexico:

“The pilot successfully ejected and was transported to a local medical facility,” Holloman Director of Media Relations Arlan Ponder said. “He was part of a training mission…”

The First Lieutenant was likely an upgrading student, as the squadron at Holloman actually belongs to the primary F-16 training unit at Luke AFB, Arizona.

As is the normal routine, the Air Force will investigate the incident and report on it some months from now.


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