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Military Pilots Sleeping in Flight?

An article at MSNBC talks about the controversy of pilots sleeping while in flight.  The discussion about airline pilots is a separate issue; the article specifically mentions military pilots, however:

Even a 10-minute nap can improve a pilot’s performance, said Scott Shappell, a Clemson University professor who as director of the Human Factors Institute helped write the flying policies that govern military pilots.

In the military, pilots flying alone have been allowed for decades to take naps, Shappell said. “I can tell you absolutely, but good luck trying to find proof of this, in the military we have single-seat pilots take naps,” he said. Read more

Clemson vs. the ACLU over “Church Day”

As reported in the local paper, Clemson University (a state run school) is in “correspondence” with the ACLU over head football Coach Tommy Bowden’s annual “Church Day,” in which the team visits a church every year.  The ACLU contends that Bowden was violating the separation of church and state by his actions, stating he had

abused his authority as Clemson University’s head football coach by imposing his strong personal religious beliefs upon student-athletes under his charge.

The University investigated and determined that the function would be allowed to continue, as it is on a voluntary basis.

Why should a military Christian care?  The ACLU Read more