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Air Force Pilot Dies in Crash of Classified Aircraft

After the Wednesday crash of two A-10s made news last Thursday, the military revealed on Friday that another aircraft had crashed on Tuesday. US Air Force LtCol Eric Schultz died in the crash of an “unspecified” aircraft:

Lt. Col. Eric Schultz was flying an unspecified aircraft at about 6 p.m. over the Nevada Test and Training Range, approximately 100 miles northwest of Nellis Air Force Base, a spokeswoman at the air base said Friday…

“Information about the type of aircraft involved is classified and not releasable,” Maj. Christina Sukach, chief of public affairs…

The tragic death of Doc and the impact on his family — his wife and five kids — has been overshadowed by the secrecy of the news report. The Aviationist speculated on the existence Read more

Wikileaks “Morally Guilty,” Alleged Source Outspoken, Lonely

Army PFC Bradley Manning has been highlighted by a variety of papers from around the world and even his hometown.  Manning is the alleged “leaker” of the “collateral murder” video, and has apparently been implicated in the latest “WikiLeaks” releases as well.

Interestingly, news reports continue to focus on his personality as non-religious, withdrawn, and needy:

Those who went to school with him say he was often frustrated that others didn’t listen to his views on politics or religion; those views often differed from those of his peers…

In a series of online conversations with a stranger, a fellow computer enthusiast, Manning wrote about feelings of isolation.

He said the feelings stem from growing up without religious views in a very church-based town.  Read more

Alleged Wikileaks Source was Lonely, Angry…Humanist

The Defense Department has announced that 22 year old US Army Private First Class Bradley Manning has had “charges preferred” alleging multiple counts of improperly handling classified information.  According to prior reports, Manning admitted in internet chat rooms that he distributed the helicopter gunship video dubbed “collateral murder” as well as thousands of other secret files.

In an apparent attempt to humanize Manning, the Associated Press noted his “outcast” status among his peers:

With his custom-made “humanist” dog tags and distrust of authority, Bradley Manning was no conventional soldier.  Read more