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US Navy Ship Raises Christian Flag, Atheist Has Conniption

Two days ago, the USS Arlington posted a photo of two Seamen raising a church pennant above the American flag on its Facebook page:

Quartermasters Seaman Rashaun Plowden and 2nd Class Mary Carlton raise a church pennant above the American flag during worship services aboard USS Arlington (LPD 24) on Jan. 13, 2013.

An atheist (who is not in the military) took umbrage, unaware of his self-contradicting outrage.  First [ellipses original]:  Read more

USS Bataan Raises Church Pennant for Burial at Sea

The USS Bataan recently conducted a burial at sea for former US Navy Sailors, some veterans from World War II.

“Raise the church pennant and lower the colors to half mast,” was spoken in a solemn and firm tone over the ship’s general announcing system. The ensign was lowered and the burial detail prepared to send their shipmates to the deep…

“Being buried at sea is meaningful,” said Bataan Chaplain Cmdr. Steven Souders. “It has tradition. So as Sailors begin to see these traditions, it begins to build that legacy in them.”

The families…will receive a ceremonial folded flag, and the shell casings from the rounds fired during the 21-gun salute. A letter from the captain, a chart listing the latitude and longitude of where the cremains were committed, and still photos of the ceremony will also be provided.

The use of a “church pennant” may be unfamiliar to most.  Under US law (4 USC 1) the Naval church pennant is the only flag or pennant which may be flown Read more