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Mount Soledad Case Review Denied

The Mount Soledad war memorial cross in San Diego has been previously ruled as unconstitutional, violating the Establishment Clause.  The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals recently refused to rehear the case or grant an en banc review.  Notably, however, 5 of the 11 judges dissented in the denial of an en banc rehearing.  The premise of their dissent was that the court had inappropriatelly analyzed the memorial:  Read more

Gazette on Weinstein: Miffed USAFA Critic Buys Billboard

The Colorado Springs Gazette, local to the US Air Force Academy, noted that religious freedom critic Michael Weinstein apparently bought a billboard ad to publish Air Force Chief of Staff General Norton Schwartz’s memorandum on religious neutrality, which Chris Rodda says USAFA is “withholding.”

Air Force Academy critic Mikey Weinstein, miffed that a four-star’s memo on religious respect wasn’t e-mailed to cadets at the Air Force Academy, published the 200-word memo himself Tuesday on a Colorado Springs billboard.

Weinstein is apparently relegated to billboards because USAFA won’t answer his voluminous emails or return his phone calls.  Publicly, he claims he billboarded the memo because General Gould wouldn’t give in to his demands:  Read more

Weinstein, Rodda Go After General Gould and Get it Wrong. Again.

Michael Weinstein and his associates in his self-founded “charity” have a history of being unable to defend an argument by relying on simple truth.  Instead, their accusations have to be dramatized with hyperbolic language or, in some cases, the facts simply need to be misrepresented.

And Chris Rodda, Weinstein’s researcher, has done it again. And again, apparently.

Weinstein and Rodda have recently been trying to make hay out of General Norton Schwartz’s recent memorandum on “religious neutrality.”  Naturally, they imply it was their eloquent arguments (and senior-leader influence) that convinced General Schwartz to issue the memo.  That’s not enough glory, however.

The accusation that US Air Force Academy Superintendent Read more

US Soldier Worked “as for the Lord”

The Killeen Daily Herald, local to Fort Hood, notes the July death of US Army CPL Frank Gross, who was killed in Afghanistan one month into his deployment. CPL Gross had a consistent motivation:

Cpl. Frank Gross wrote the same Bible verse, Colossians 3:23, inside his baseball caps throughout his high school and college pitching career: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.”

“Basically, whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability,” his mother, Toni Gross, said…”That was his life verse.”

Notably, Gross had not only a Bachelors degree but also Read more

Military Atheists Offended by “God Bless America”

Jason Torpy of the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers has complained over a poster in the halls of a Simi Valley government building.

The poster features a God Bless America / God Bless You prayer sandwich as well as a reference to Psalms 33 indicating Christian requirements for such a blessing.  This display is primarily religious in nature, co-opting patriotism to promote their personal Christian beliefs.  This is disrespectful to nontheistic military personnel…

Interesting, isn’t it, that atheists are so intent on framing an issue as “Christian” they continue to assign ‘exclusive Christian’ intent to things like passages from the Hebrew Bible — which is, of course, Jewish.

It’s also fascinating that Torpy is so hypersensitive Read more

Top Air Force General Issues Order on Religious Neutrality

General Norton Schwartz, Chief of Staff of the US Air Force, has apparently issued a memorandum to his commanders entitled “Maintaining Government Neutrality Regarding Religion.” It makes what is probably the most significant official change to the religious environment in the Air Force in some years (reference the “Religious Guidelines” of 2006).

First, it notes that “leaders at all levels”

must avoid the actual or apparent use of their position to promote their personal religious beliefs to their subordinates or to extend preferential treatment for any religion.

which is substantially similar to previous military positions. Of course, the complexity of the environment prevents a detailed explanation as to what constitutes “apparent use” or what may be “apparent…preferential treatment” vice the expected (and required) accommodation of religion. This has long been an understandable challenge with regard to religion and the government, not just the military.

The memorandum then raises new content: Read more

Military Chaplains Consider Universal Badge

The universal Chaplain’s Badge suggested by former Navy Chaplain Rabbi Arnold Resnicoff may not be far fetched.

The Washington Post noted Chaplain (Major General) Cecil Richardson, the Air Force Chief of Chaplains, is on board with Resnicoff’s idea:

Top brass at the Pentagon have endorsed Resnicoff’s idea of a universal-yet-denominational insignia, if not his actual sketches.

 “I like the idea of developing a new chaplain insignia Read more

Trijicon Sights Increase Number of Expert Marksman Marines

Though at one point it was maligned for publicizing its Christianity, optical sight maker Trijicon has consistently been praised for its world-class rifle sights.

More to the point, a recent US Marine recruit training company graduated having qualified using only Trijicon’s AN/PVQ-31 Rifle Combat Optics, as opposed to the “iron sights” traditionally used.  The result?

“I can tell you Bravo Company had 30 percent more Read more

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