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Military Gay Activists Jump Shark in Attacks on Col Leland Bohannon

UPDATE: This topic must have hit close to the mark, as Tom Carpenter is a bit upset.  Still, based on his inspiration, consider using #GivingTuesday (or any day) to support First Liberty, the non-profit organization currently working in Col Bohannon’s defense.

Tom Carpenter’s Forum on the Military Chaplaincy — which was founded to support the repeal of DADT — recently shared on Facebook Col Bohannon’s story as covered at Military.com. The response from his supporters was predictable — yet still shocking.

LtCol Elisa/Victor Valenzuela — an Air Force active duty homosexual-turned-transgender presumably threatened by President Trump’s policies — asked, apparently sincerely, if Col Bohannon would let his homosexual troops die.

Victor Michael Valenzuela So if he was in a war zone and a gay man came under fire, would the Col be exempt from helping him because of his religious bias? This is a serious question. We are in the military and as leaders, we advocate for all.

That’s moronic, but completely predictable. Amazingly, the homosexual Read more

US Military on Trump Election: Like the Day Osama was Killed

The Washington Post (repeated at the Stars and Stripes) spoke with a variety of US troops following the election last Tuesday (anonymously, due to restrictions on active duty troops speaking on political topics), and it seems many were supportive of President-elect Donald Trump.  In one case, the feeling within the military was equated with “the day Osama was killed.”

While noting the US military tends to lean conservative anyway, the Post drilled this apparent positive reaction down to two issues: the shrinking budget and forced social change [emphasis added]:  Read more

Homosexual Activists Use Military Uniforms to Advance Agenda

The American Military Partner Association (AMPA) is a homosexual “charity” that lobbies on behalf of sexual liberty in the US military. It purports to “represent the modern military family,” in which “modern” is presumably “homosexual,” judging by the photos adorning its website.

The AMPA has a history of using uniformed military members in roles that likely violate military regulations. For example, last year the AMPA used photos of “AMPA members” in military uniforms to encourage opposition to legislation — something uniformed military members (and charities) aren’t supposed to do.  It fills its Facebook page with AMPA endorsements by uniformed service members, while troops aren’t allowed to endorse other groups.

The AMPA also hosted a “national gala” last year — at which a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense was the keynote speaker — and has used the photos of its leadership committee from that event to promote its cause:

Standing out, of course, are the two people in military uniform. According Read more

Air Force Leader Calls Staff Meeting, Announces Sexuality

Retired Air Force LtCol Chris Rowzee, a 1984 graduate of the US Air Force Academy and a leader of the homosexual activist AMPA, recently gave a speech at a homosexual march in Ohio. Here’s how she describes what happened after DADT was repealed:

After coming out to my chain of command, I called my subordinate staff into my office, my senior NCOs, my junior officers, and I told them.

Nothing like an official military staff meeting called so the boss can announce her sexuality.

In an interesting contrast, some people (like Mikey Weinstein’s Read more