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Do the Right Thing

In the autumn of your years, as you reflect on the mark you have left, you will be proudest of those times you took the risk to do the right thing and not the expedient.  And you will be most ashamed to recall the times you remained silent when you should have stated your mind.

General Charles G. Boyd, USAF, Retired, May 2006

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The Bible and the POW/MIA Table, Part II

“Eat everything they give you, no matter how disgusting; it’ll keep you alive. You’ve just been tortured, and that’s not the end of it; resist to the limits of your sanity, or to permanent physical damage. You’ll know when you get there.” And he concluded: “And pray; if you haven’t been, start. We’re going to get through this, and I’ll see you when it’s over.”

General Robbie Risner, prisoner of war and the Senior Ranking Officer in the Hanoi Hilton, to newly arrived POW Gen Charles G. Boyd, 1963.

Kind of makes you wonder what those POWs would think of the Air Force removing a Bible from their POW/MIA table. Read more