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USAFA Issues, Corrects Statement on Mike Rosebush

The US Air Force Academy issued a press release detailing the results of its investigation into the hiring of Dr. Mike Rosebush.  In short, his hiring and continued employment are justified [emphasis added]:

We have thoughtfully and carefully reviewed the conditions and circumstances surrounding Dr. Michael Rosebush’s hire…We have found that at no time did Dr Rosebush’s personal beliefs influence any professional decision or action taken in his position at the Academy…Therefore, there is no legal basis for either his removal or transfer and Dr. Rosebush will be retained in his current position.

USAFA experienced an awkward moment, though, when it released the statement on Facebook and commenters criticized an awkwardly timed omission.  USAFA said:

It is critical that we have Read more

USAFA Reviews Hiring Practices After Criticism

After accusations the US Air Force Academy could not justify hiring Dr. Mike Rosebush, the Academy has now said it will review its hiring practices to make sure they are

legally sound, equitable and unbiased

The Academy has repeatedly said that Dr. Rosebush has performed his duties well and there have been no complaints.  Still, USAFA said they will “specifically focus” on his hiring.  Three homosexual USAFA cadets — presumably those who would have been most harmed by Dr. Rosebush, according to critics — even told the press they’d never heard of Dr. Rosebush until his name came up in the press.

According to at least one talking head, some of USAFA’s response to the criticisms of Dr. Rosebush has fed the fires.  The Air Force Academy has repeatedly emphasized that Dr. Rosebush  Read more

Groups Demand Air Force Academy Fire “Ex-Gay Cure Advocate” Mike Rosebush

As reported at the Air Force Times, groups have called on the US Air Force Academy to fire Dr. Mike Rosebush, a member of its Center for Character and Leadership Development, for his

extensive history of work with organizations that seek to change gays’ and lesbians’ sexual orientations.

Dr. Rosebush is a 1975 graduate of the Air Force Academy — one year senior to General Mark Welsh, current Air Force Chief of Staff.  Dr. Rosebush was a fighter pilot and retired in 1995 as a Lieutenant Colonel.

John Aravosis of the homosexual advocacy AmericaBlog and Evan Hurst of Truth Wins Out led the charge, with Truth Wins Out saying Rosebush was an “ex-gay charlatan.”

The Air Force Academy initially provided only a short response saying they are “committed to human dignity:”  Read more

Army Enlisted Leader Promotes Character over Competence

The Stars and Stripes reports on comments by SgtMaj of the Army Raymond Chandler, who took the time in Afghanistan to tell troops that being a Soldier of character was more important than being a Soldier of competence:

Too often in the past the Army has emphasized competency over character and commitment, Sgt. Maj. of the Army Raymond Chandler told troops during town hall meetings at bases in eastern Afghanistan.   “The most dangerous person in our Army today is someone who is highly competent but has little or no character,” Chandler said. “Too often we tolerate mediocrity.”

Chandler noted that it is a lack of character, not Read more

Michael Weinstein as Subject Matter in AF EO Course

It was noted once here before that Michael Weinstein met a newspaper’s definition for “conspiracy theorist”, though it wasn’t trying to talk about Weinstein at the time.  In that vein, Judicial Watch recently obtained training materials from an Air Force Equal Opportunity course, which had a similar unintended subject matter — listing character traits for Michael Weinstein without meaning to.

What was it the AF training was trying to describe?

An extremist.

The following text describes how the EO course inadvertenty describes many character traits that Weinstein displays.  While most won’t be interested in such a character analysis, the reason for noting this is to highlight the fact that Michael Weinstein is no run-of-the-mill “religious freedom” advocate, despite his claims.  He is, as the course material shows, a religious “extremist” intent on bending the US military to his will — even if it contradicts human liberty and the protections of the US Constitution…and an Air Force training course actually helps explain that.

Quoting from Nazis, communists, Klansmen, and others on the fringe: Political extremism in America by George and Wilcox (1992), the Air Force Equal Opportunity Read more

The Legacy of Col Bud Day

US Air Force Chief of Staff, General Mark Welsh, wrote “A Tribute to a Hero” on the passing of Col George “Bud” Day last weekend.  The General indicated he had a somewhat personal history with the legend of Col Day:

My dad was a hero. As a young man, I asked him who his combat heroes were; he gave me only two names. One was Major General Frederick “Boots” Blesse and the other was Colonel George E. “Bud” Day. My dad was not easily impressed, so I knew that if they were his heroes, they were very, very special men. I was right.

What is most interesting, though, is what General Welsh highlights as Col Day’s legacy:

Future Airmen will honor his name and treasure his story, not because of the awards and buildings named in his honor, but for the legendary character, the unbreakable spirit and the values he demonstrated each and every day.

In an essay reminiscent of General Welsh’s past inspirational speeches, the Chief praised Col Day’s “character,” “spirit,” and “values.”  These are truly what a man is remembered for, and what determines whether history remembers him as “great.”

Sadly, society Read more

SecAF: “Do What is Right for Our Air Force”

Outgoing Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley, addressing the US Air Force Academy graduating class of 2013, “implored the cadets” to defend the character of the Air Force:

“Each of you is responsible for the character of this Air Force, and its reputation,” Donley said. “And I therefore charge you to serve with integrity, and by example — to lead, to say and to do what is right for our Air Force.”

Serve with integrity and character.  Do the right thing.  It seems like the Air Force is encouraging a high moral standard.

Living morally is consistent with Christian officership, but doing the right thing is also consistent with professional officership.  Unfortunately, a few forget that the right choice is not always the easy choice.  Fortunately, “right” normally prevails, even if at some cost.


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