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Casey Weinstein Runs for Office, Embarrassed by the MRFF

Casey Weinstein, son of Michael “Mikey” Weinstein, is running for the state legislature in Ohio. He’s apparently a Democrat — which fits the family profile of the elder Weinstein, who makes a point of saying he’s a “registered Republican” but has only publicly supported Democrats for years. Casey has previously been a local councilman for Hudson City and now seems to be aiming a little higher.

Casey’s specific political aspirations aren’t particularly relevant — except that the Republican party, supporting incumbent Kristina Roegner, recently sent out a mailer highlighting the Weinsteins’ 2005 lawsuit against the US Air Force Academy.  It seems Casey Weinstein has been campaigning on his military credentials (even wearing an Air Force shirt going door-to-door), so he’s engendered interest in his somewhat tense relationship with the military.

In a short article clearly promoted by Weinstein (he even provided the mailer), the “reporter” essentially debunks the political mailer and lauds Casey’s credentials:  Read more

Did Mikey Weinstein Serve in Combat?

A critic recently took to Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s Facebook page to claim Weinstein had no combat duty and never “fought for this country, only against it.” The slam brought Curtis Weinstein — Mikey Weinstein’s son — out in Dad’s defense.


Curtis Weinstein Actually Gordon, my dad graduated from the United States Air Force Academy as an honor grad in 1977 and became a JAG and once he became a Captain, he was recruited by the Regan [sic] Administration to be one of his lawyers in the White House. Nice try though, it must be hard trying to understand life when you don’t even understand what a “fact” is.

With some grace for his desire to defend his family, Curtis Read more

MRFF Board Member Attacks Mikey Weinstein

weinstein9Posted on the MRFF site, as written by John Compere, a retired US Army Brigadier General [emphasis added]:

As a 75 year old patriotic American, disabled Vietnam veteran & retired Army airborne officer, it is my observation that any man who resorts to hateful name-calling does so when he cannot address a subject with intelligence or integrity. Such childish behavior can often be observed on our elementary school playgrounds.

If you have the mental maturity for Read more

Mikey Weinstein Teams Up with Casey on ACLJ Radio Show

Weinstein Wants Christian Cadets Punished, but Not Atheists

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein appeared on the ACLJ radio program Jay Sekulow Live with attorneys Jay Sekulow, Jordan Sekulow, and retired US Army LtCol Skip Ash to respectfully “debate” again — as Weinstein and Jay Sekulow did in 2007 at USAFA. The topic was, once again, the Bible verse stricken from a cadet’s whiteboard.  During the conversation, Weinstein reiterated his position that the cadet who posted a Bible verse on his dry erase board should be punished:

We want to have visible punishment for the cadet…

He also said he would “not oppose” courts-martial for the cadet’s active duty chain of command.

As before, he declined to call for the same punishments regarding the atheist cadets he claims to have “complained” about a few days later, instead, Read more

Mikey Weinstein Gets Creative with the Facts. Again.

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein recently celebrated the “anniversary” of his idea to create his Military Religious Freedom Foundation:

Ten years ago on this day, the idea for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation came when USAFA cadets were forced to attend screenings of Passion of the Christ.

That does sound pretty bad, particularly since Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ has nothing to do with the mission of USAFA.

Too bad Weinstein isn’t telling the truth.

In 2004 — and for 6 years thereafter — neither Weinstein nor anyone else ever said anyone was forced to watch a movie, despite his repeated referral to that event. This is what he did say in years past:

[In] the early part of February 2004 when Read more

Congressmen, Advocates Call for Military Religious Freedom

Increasingly, each one of us in our different organizations and capacities have been getting confidential calls and other reports and information from members of the military pointing to this growing hostility toward religious freedom. Unfortunately, members of the military cannot speak out about these things.

This is just a sampling of the cases that have been made public.

– Tony Perkins, Family Research Council

Representatives from 14 groups joined three US Congressmen to release a report on “The Threat to Religious Liberty in the Military” (PDF) and press for passage of legislation allowing US military servicemembers to act and speak on their faith:  Read more

US Military Celebrates Easter in Afghanistan with Run for Jesus

Bagram Air Base’s chaplains organized a Run for Jesus 5-Miler in which nearly 600 US servicemembers attended a sunrise Easter service followed by a run around the base.  One group even carried an 8-foot cross.

The 82nd CAB Chaplain’s team hosted the first “Run for Jesus” on Bagram Apr. 8. Held on Easter Sunday, the 5-mile race began with a sunrise service hosted by three of the CAB Chaplains. More than 560 people completed the track around Bagram Airfield.

Nearly 700 photos of the event are available on the unit’s Facebook page (in Part I and Part II).

Other US servicemembers in Afghanistan were also able to take time Read more

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