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Christian Sailor Objects to Navy Sexual Diversity Training

It seems Canada often bears the brunt of American drama. It’s the example (or counterexample) for everything from medicine to the military, and it’s where everyone claims they want to move every four years.

As sexual progressives tried to use the US military as a wedge to normalize the LGBT movement in America, they frequently pointed to foreign militaries — including Canada — and basically said “they can do it, so why can’t we?”

Of course, not everything is sugar and spice in Canada, either.

At LifeSiteNews, a Canadian sailor leaked the Navy’s official “diversity” training that used a “genderbread” figure to try to explain how Read more

Canada Installs First Openly Homosexual Chaplain General

Even as the US military tries to figure out how to balance the human liberty of religious freedom with demands for sexual liberty — and how that impacts the military chaplaincy — Canada has just appointed an openly homosexual Brigadier General to its head of all Chaplains:

Newly-appointed Brigadier General the Venerable John Fletcher was installed as the new Chaplain General during a change of appointment ceremony and service of installation for the Chaplain General of the Canadian Armed Forces on Wednesday, September 4, 2013. The newly appointed Chaplain General John Fletcher is Canada’s first openly gay chaplain to hold the position of Chaplain General.

Fletcher is an Anglican, a denomination that has a divided opinion on the acceptability of homosexuality.


Canadian Court Rules Against Multiple Marriages

While Canada’s acceptance of homosexuality was occasionally held up as a contrast to their southern cousins in the United States, it seems Canada hasn’t worked out all the moral issues associated with “sexual freedom,” either.

In late November British Columbia’s superior trial court upheld Canada’s law banning polygamy and polyamory.

Interestingly, the court found that such prohibitions did violate the religious liberty of some groups — including some Mormons, Muslims, and Wiccans — but the law Read more

Moral Confusion, Sexual Behavior, and the Redefinition of Rape

Though the trend is arguably decades old, recent court cases and public events have demonstrated the apparent moral (and legal) confusion over sexual behavior in the United States (and elsewhere).  Of course, when right and wrong are decided by the tide of opinion and relativism, it’s not unforeseeable.  As noted below, the US Congress is even trying to redefine “rape” in the military context.

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a denial of a habeas corpus petition by Paul Lowe, a man charged with adult incest with his 22-year-old step-daughter (Lowe v. Stark County Sherriff, No. 09-3942 (6th Cir. Dec. 8, 2011)).  The decision cites a wide variety of cases, some supporting his position and many not.  The court ultimately decided (as have others) there is no fundamental right to sexual conduct, even private behavior between consenting adults.

The court also said Lowe’s complaints the law was “morality-based” were Read more

CG Helo Pilot Charged with Homicide in Crash

In a somewhat unusual turn of events, the co-pilot (and lone survivor) of a 2010 Coast Guard helicopter crash has been charged with two counts of negligent homicide and other UCMJ violations.

[Lt. Lance] Leone was one of two pilots flying the MH-60 Jayhawk, which crashed off La Push. The crash killed all three other passengers on board.

In addition to the negligent homicide charges, Leone faces two counts of dereliction of duty and destruction of government property, Kip Wadlow, a Coast Guard spokesman, said.

The helicopter flew into power lines Read more

Panel: Chaplains Already Counseling Gays, Serving Atheists

A panel discussion in Washington, DC, entitled “Current Topics Facing Today’s Military Chaplains” included Chaplains (LtCol) Carleton Birch, (LtCol) Lisa H. Tice, and (CAPT) John H. Lea of the Christian faith, Chaplain (LtCmdr) Abuhena Saifulislam of the Islamic faith, and Chaplain (Capt) Jerry Seidler of the Jewish faith.

Birch reportedly said that the DADT repeal may be fairly benign for Chaplains, given that they’ve been counseling homosexual servicemembers all along.

Army Chaplain Lt. Col. Carleton Birch said Wednesday that chaplains already have experience in counseling homosexual soldiers and will likely be able to adjust easily to an openly homosexual military.

“I’ve counseled homosexual soldiers when Read more

The Slippery Slope of Governing Sexuality

A few different sources, including Dr. Albert Mohler, have recently brought up the case of David Epstein, a professor of political science at Columbia University.  Apparently Epstein was recently charged with incest over a sexual relationship with his adult daughter.

The natural question, of course, is why?

If what two consenting adults do is no one else’s business, why is incest illegal? If reproduction is not germane, then the traditional genetic argument fails.

On what moral basis, then, is incest illegal?

Over at the SoldiersPerspective, a similar question is raisedRead more

“New Role” For Military Chaplains?

A Canadian article notes the suggestion that military Chaplains might have a “new role” in future conflicts, directly contributing to the emergence of peace by engaging religious leaders in the AOR.

While the article speaks collectively of the “Canadian and US military” forces, the suggested “new” role for Chaplains has been an “old” one for some time in the US.  US military Chaplains have been engaging local leaders in Afghanistan and Iraq for years.

Some have dismissed the value of military Chaplains out of hand.  They fail to fully realize the extent of the impact of Chaplains on all aspects of the military’s role, including the achievement of victory.

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