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US Military on Trump Election: Like the Day Osama was Killed

The Washington Post (repeated at the Stars and Stripes) spoke with a variety of US troops following the election last Tuesday (anonymously, due to restrictions on active duty troops speaking on political topics), and it seems many were supportive of President-elect Donald Trump.  In one case, the feeling within the military was equated with “the day Osama was killed.”

While noting the US military tends to lean conservative anyway, the Post drilled this apparent positive reaction down to two issues: the shrinking budget and forced social change [emphasis added]:  Read more

US Army Announces Intent to Protect “Self-Identity”

Buried deep in the proposed Defense Department Budget for 2017 (PDF, 5MB) was a little noticed comment on discrimination in the US Army [emphasis added]:

The Army remains committed to ensuring the dignity and respect of Soldiers, civilians, and their families…The Army will provide every Soldier and civilian equal opportunities to rise to the level of their merit regardless of their gender, their race, or their self-identity.

Just what is a “self-identity”? Good question, since it isn’t defined in the budget nor apparently in a Defense Department policy, and it hasn’t appeared in any prior DoD budget. It’s also not a Federally-protected class.  Given the context of current events, it seems likely it is intended as a reference to the Army’s foregone plan to repeal the ban on transgender troops, though the Army seemed to dispute anything unique about this year’s new budget wording:  Read more

Air Force Officer: Save Money by Ending Chaplaincy

An Air Force pilot blogging at PickYourBattles.net recently suggested ending the military chaplaincy would be a “win” for both recent budget issues and the Constitution:

With all the talk of cutting warfighters yet again, and remarks about being creative in solving the budget issues, I find it interesting that there has been no discussion of cutting the chaplain corps in its entirety.

He gives four reasons for his suggestion:

First, their existence is a violation of our Constitution [specifically] Article VI (the same article that requires military officers to swear to support the Constitution)…

Second, the nation has become more secular Read more

Military Christian Stewardship: Ready for Your Pay Raise?

The New Year has begun, and along with resolutions of daily Bible reading and hitting the gym to improve your fitness score, you’ve got another burning question:

What are you going to do with all that money?

The Defense Authorization Act passed by Congress includes a 1.4% pay raise for active duty military members.  Combined with the New Year it provides an excellent opportunity to review your financial stewardship, whether you’re a brand new Lieutenant or a “seasoned” senior officer.

Of course, it is difficult to be wise about your finances when you don’t even know where your money goes.  If you don’t have one already, it’s time…for a budget

While that may make some cringe or scoff, realize that a budget — even a very basic one — will help you be a good steward of the resources God has given you.  While the parable of the talents in Matthew 25 actually goes beyond money, its truth is applicable:  Read more