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Biden Reverses Transgender Ban. First Military Chaplain Already Investigated.

President Joe Biden’s reversal of the military ban on transgenders hadn’t even been announced for minutes before it claimed its first controversy.

US Army Chaplain (MAJ) Andrew Calvert posted a comment on the Army Times Facebook page discussing Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s support for repeal. As quoted by the Army Times in a follow-up story, Chaplain Calvert said

“How is rejecting reality (biology) not evidence that a person is mentally unfit (ill), and thus making that person unqualified to serve,” Andrew Calvert posted on the Army Times Facebook page Monday. “There is little difference in this than over those who believe and argue for a ‘flat earth,’ despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary…

“The motivation is different,” Calvert continued, “but the argument is the same. This person is a MedBoard for Mental Wellness waiting to happen. What a waste of military resources and funding!”

First of all, it used to be a standard talking point in training Read more

Concerned US Troops on Transgender Policy and Children

On military moves to a state that would allow a boy to use a girl’s locker room:

[Military families with children] are being asked to choose between our country and keeping our kids safe. Being military, we don’t have a say which state we move to next. We don’t know if it will be a state that protects our civil rights or one that won’t.

On policies that would create a “right” to choose which bathroom, shower, or other traditionally private facilities they want to use:  Read more

Wikileaker Bradley Manning Attempts Suicide Again

Former US Army PFC Bradley “Chelsea” Manning was convicted of stealing classified information and passing it on to Wikileaks in 2012.

During Manning’s court-martial, one of his defenses faulted the Army for failing to recognize his “emotional distress” and therefore take away his access to classified information. Manning’s lawyers claimed the alleged cause of the emotional distress was his “gender identity” issue.

This was undoubtedly a disturbing tactic to the transgender movement, as they tried to assert it was perfectly normal, and posed no security risk, for a man to think he was a woman.  Yet it seems Manning, one of those very people, believed differently.

Manning has reportedly attempted suicide a second time during Read more

LGBT Activists are Using Military Kids to Advance their Agenda

Homosexuals discovered a few years ago that if they could normalize homosexuality within the US military, then they could normalize it within society.  Saying it was “unfair” that homosexuals couldn’t get “equal rights” wasn’t enough.  But if you could say those same homosexuals were “giving their lives for their country,” the mood would change.

They subsequently discovered that homosexuals who were denied the military benefits of “marriage” — especially when one was killed in the line of duty — made a powerful argument for redefining marriage.

It’s a technique that has worked — and it’s a technique that other special interest groups have attempted to mimic ever since (and others haven’t yet thought of it).

Transgender activists tried the same thing, but when one of the best examples of a man wanting to be a woman is convicted for stealing state secrets (a la Bradley “Chelsea” Manning), they faced an uphill battle. Worse still, due to overexposure society has almost grown numb to the “we risk our lives for this country” meme. Transgender activists needed something more.

So they went for the children. They went Read more

Report Calls for Transgender Acceptance in US Military

People who are “transgendered” — who believe they are the opposite of their biological gender — remain prohibited from service in the US military.  After seeing the success of the homosexual rights movement, however, it should be no surprise to see the “T” in LGBT start to use the same techniques:

Last month, the Chicago-based Palm Center’s Transgender Military Initiative announced it was commissioning 11 studies in a $1.35 million, multi-year project with the specific aim to “inform an important public conversation by providing facts and evidence about how the U.S. armed forces could include transgender troops without undermining readiness…”

One of the studies reportedly funded by the grant will be “Understanding Aspects of Transgender Medical Accommodation and Care in the U.S. Military.”  Given that the Palm Center’s goal is to “promote” those lifestyles, the results of those $1.35M studies is probably a foregone conclusion.

Similarly, a Harvard study was published that Read more

Atheist Jason Torpy Seeks Distance from Wikileaker Manning

Former US Army Captain Jason Torpy, currently leading the one-man Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers, recently attempted to evaluate the decision by Private Bradley Manning to call himself a “humanist.”

In an article at the American Humanist Association, for which Torpy is the Treasurer, he writes “Is Bradley Manning Really a Humanist?

[Manning lawyer] David Coombs…made a show that Manning had ID tags with “humanist” written on them…Coombs argued, “that his actions came from his deeply held beliefs that all lives had value, Iraqi and American.” Because the defense is leaning on Manning’s humanist beliefs, this trial also calls for humanist attention as well.

Torpy apparently thinks the humanist community needs to think Read more

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