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New Bomber on the Air Force Docket

Air Force Chief of Staff General Norton Schwartz and Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley have reportedly called for a new bomber to be added to the fleet.  The goal would be for it to work in a variety of regimes (asymmetric to conventional to nuclear) and the aircraft would be “optionally manned.”

The Air Force currently relies on a very small number of B-2s, an ever-aging number of B-52s, and the B-1.

“Collateral Murder” Video Released

Several major news outlets have reported on the “leaked” video of what appears to be a US helicopter gun attack on civilians.  News of the video has been distributed under the “collateral murder” moniker.  Reportedly, a Reuters photographer and driver were killed, as were about a dozen others in a small group.  A van subsequently comes to the scene and is also fired upon; in the van were two children who were wounded.

While not exclusively a fighter pilot topic, the video does shed some light into an area not often discussed in the public eye.  There are times when Read more