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New Superintendent Named for US Air Force Academy

MajGen Michelle Johnson has been nominated for a third star and for the position of Superintendent, US Air Force Academy.  As every press release so far has noted, when she is confirmed by the Senate she will be the first female to occupy that position.

Johnson is a 1981 distinguished graduate from the Academy where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in operations research. She was the first female cadet wing commander and the first female Rhodes Scholar from the Academy.

The USAFA Class of 1981 was the second to include women, after President Ford’s 1976 integration order.

Like LtGen Mike Gould, whom she will replace, MajGen Johnson is a career cargo/transport pilot.


Congress Chides DoD on Response to Frivolous Complaints

A group of Congressmen has become the latest part of the government to take the US military to task for its apparent capitulation to external critics.  In this case, 23 members of the House signed a letter to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta concerning the removal of the DoD insignia from Holman Bibles, a “scandal” previously discussed.  The Congressmen said the issue was not that the seals were removed, but the fact the action was taken only because Michael Weinstein was bothered by it:

“The problem here is that it appears the decision made by DoD was in response to a manufactured, frivolous complaint,” [Congressman Alan] Nunnelee said.  “The military should not be succumbing to pressure from outside groups to alter longstanding policy.” 

The letter does not demand that permission to use the seals be returned; it is three paragraphs of concern over why it appears the US military keeps “bowing” to Michael Weinstein:  Read more