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US Navy Appears to Equate Religious Sailors with Racists, Bigots


What used to be taboo has now become widely accepted by the Defense Department.
Airman 1st Class Kristan Campbell, 432nd Wing/432nd Air Expeditionary Wing

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus oversees the entire US Navy. He recently lauded the Department of Defense’s diversity — by seeming to denigrate a “diverse” view held by many US Sailors and their fellow troops.

During the Pentagon’s celebration of “LGBT Pride Month,” Secretary Mabus gave a speech (video) lauding the day.  After describing the now-repealed DADT as “morally wrong,” Secretary Mabus seemed to equate those who opposed DADT repeal — that is, a large portion of religious American citizens and US troops — with racists Read more

Obama to West Point, Biden to USAFA for Graduation

President Obama will deliver the commencement address at the US Military Academy this year.

More than 1,000 cadets are expected to graduate and be commissioned as second lieutenants in the U.S. Army after completing their 47-month leadership experience, and the president looks forward to addressing these outstanding graduates,” [White House] spokesman Keith Maley said.

Vice President Biden will give the address at the US Air Force Academy.

Traditionally, the President and several other key military leaders rotate among the service academies. He spoke at USAFA in 2012 and Annapolis in 2013.


Chris Rodda Highlights MRFF Hypocrisy. Again.

The MRFF’s researcher Chris Rodda recently took to the Huffington Post to make hay out of Vice President Joe Biden having rosary beads in the White House situation room during the bin Laden raid, and for the SEAL Team leader saying “For God and Country” in front of the code word “Geronimo” after the successful strike.

The critical tone inspired a slew of comments.  The overwhelming majority — even from self-described “liberals” — were highly critical of Rodda’s article, claiming it was an exercise in finding offense, political correctness, and a suggestion America should surrender its freedoms for appearances.

After a biting critique from a fellow Huffington Post blogger, Rodda tried to explain the logic behind her position, but she actually made it worse:  Read more

Dismissed General McChrystal Cleared

According to the Associated Press, retired General Stanley McChrystal — former head of operations in Afghanistan, fired by President Obama over disparaging remarks reported in the Rolling Stone — has been “cleared of wrongdoing.”

The probe’s results…called into question the accuracy of the magazine’s report last June, which quoted anonymously people around McChrystal making disparaging remarks about members of President Obama’s national security team, including Vice President Joe Biden…

The Pentagon inquiry also concluded that not all of the events at issue happened as reported in the article.   Read more

US Military Academy Graduations 2010

President Obama spoke at the US Military Academy commencement at West Point on Saturday.  Admiral Mullen will address the US Air Force Academy graduation on Wednesday.  The Naval Academy graduation will be addressed by Vice President Biden on Friday.

Obama’s address, which can be viewed at the White House website, contained some interesting quotes.  Many focused on his stated “international order” and missed his statements on religion and war:  Read more

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