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Bibles in the Night Stand

In the vein of the American Atheist’s complaint against NASA, a variety of similarly-minded groups continue to bring accusations of wrongdoing against government-associated religious organizations.  For example, the ACLU has criticized the Gideons providing religious materials while in some association with a government entity (including the Gideons’ interaction with the US military).

Controversies notwithstanding, the ubiquitous nature of the Gideons ministry almost inevitably leads to the never-gets-old joke:

How do they get those Bibles in all those locked hotel rooms?

Well, in 1996 evidence arose that the Gideons were successful in getting a Bible into one of the most inaccessible nightstands in the world; in fact, it’s not even in the world. Read more

Soldiers Take Time for Bible in Training

According to a US Army news release, members of the 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, found time to have a Bible study after training was finished for the day.

The session, led by Chaplain (Capt.) Patrick Vandurme…lasted for about an hour, giving Soldiers a chance to listen to verses from the Bible, pray, and talk to Chap. Vandurme as needed.

Officers and enlisted lauded the opportunity to exercise their faith Read more

Kids Provide Bibles for US Troops

As noted at the ChristianPost, Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse Jr. magazine has teamed with the American Bible Society to help kids provide American servicemen and women with Bibles.  Called “Truth for Troops,” the effort encourages parents to help their children earn money and take a vested interest in providing Bibles for US troops, as well as send them cards and pray for them.

“It is good for Daddy to have a Bible to read in Iraq so he can have a friend there,” said 3-year-old Violet, daughter of a U.S. Army chaplain in Iraq, according to ABC. “It will make him happy and help him not to be alone. The Bible tells him that God is with him.”

The effort is scheduled to run through August 31st.

Unique Audio Bibles Bound for the Middle East

As noted at the ChristianPost, an organization called Faith Comes By Hearing and Campus Crusade for Christ’s Military Ministry have joined forces to make an innovative tool available for Christians in the military: a “military BibleStick.”  The device is a small mp3 player that comes pre-loaded with an “audio drama New Testament.”

As with Bibles and other religious material provided by private organizations to contacts within the military Read more

US Military Chaplain Distributes “Bibles” to Iraqis

US military Chaplains serve all.  They serve regardless of faith or lack thereof.  They provide counsel and reassurance independent of affiliation.  While staying true to their own religious tenets, they aggressively support all personnel with whatever they require to meet their spiritual and religious needs.

That’s why it is not surprising that a US military Chaplain recently handed out religious texts to local Iraqis. Read more

Some Upset at US Govt’s “Destruction” of Bibles

As previously discussed, the US military has said it destroyed the local language Bibles mailed into Afghanistan by a church in the United States.  Dr. Carl Moeller of Open Doors USA, which has ministries focused on delivering Bibles and support for persecuted Christians, called the destruction a waste that was “beyond necessity.”

There’s certainly many organizations that could put them to good use…I don’t think it had to go to the degree that they took it. I think it sets a very bad picture of the U.S. military’s perspective on Christianity, and frankly that troubles me.

CNN also covered the story (video). In the end, the military’s decision Read more

Thousands of Bibles to be Donated to Military

As noted at the Christian Post, Operation Worship has teamed with a variety of groups to deliver “100,000 Bibles in 100 days” to military members and their families.  The Bibles are purchased by individuals who write a personal note in it and then return it to be delivered to the military.

While there may be some hesitation about such distribution given the recent sensitivity over such matters, the organization says that the Bibles will be delivered to Chaplains who will distribute them as troops are being deployed.  In addition, the organization says it launched the effort to ensure that they reached every soldier that wants a Bible.

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