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Report: US Army General Opposes President Trump as Uniformed Troops March in Protest

San Diego recently held its annual “Pride” Parade celebrating variations of sexuality — the same one then-Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning rode in as Grand Marshal in 2016. As then, uniformed military members played a prominent role [emphasis added]:

To show opposition to the Trump Administration’s ban on transgender troops, this year’s military contingent decided to have active-duty trans service members march at the front of the parade.

“I am a transgender sailor myself,” said Elijah Riddle, who currently serves in the U.S. Navy.

Let’s see: Participating in a political protest in uniform, and Read more

Retired Flag Officers Support Bladensburg Peace Cross

In February the US Supreme Court will hear the case of the Bladensburg Peace Cross, a near-century old war memorial in Maryland that anti-religious groups claim is an illegal endorsement of religion.

The Cross was ruled “unconstitutional” by the Fourth Circuit, and that is how the case approaches the Supreme Court.

Many have spoken out in defense of the memorial, which might explain why one group that filed a brief in support of the cross went unnoticed.

A group of retired flag officers are asking the Court (PDF) to “correct the court of appeals’ stilted view of the First Amendment” and defend the cross.  Those officers include:

LtGen Mixon: DADT Repeal Opened the Floodgates

LtGen Benjamin Mixon, now retired, was sanctioned by the Department of Defense when he publicly encouraged US military members to contact their congressmen if they opposed the repeal of the policy known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

In a late summer interview by the Billy Graham Evangelical Association for a longer article, Gen Mixon stood by his original comments and indicated DADT repeal would “open the floodgates” [emphasis added]:  Read more

DADT: Obama Certifies Repeal, Critiques, and Questions


  • President Obama has certified appeal; September 20th marks DADT end
  • ADF “stands ready to defend” servicemembers with faith, service conflict
  • Pakistan protests US support for homosexuals, even with DADT repealed
  • Washington Times notes “smoking gun,” Executive Branch misled Congress
  • Mixon says military “not ready” for DADT repeal, critics silenced
  • US military now used to “attack” Defense of Marriage Act
  • Multiple-marriage group seeks same respect as homosexuals

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Chaplains Call for Troop Protections over DADT

The recent controversy over the Navy’s apparent acceptance of homosexual marriages in base chapels (quickly reversed after Congressional disapproval) spurred a response by Chaplain endorsing agencies representing “over a thousand military chaplains.”  The groups wrote a letter calling for conscience protections not only for Chaplains — but also for every servicemember:

When guidance…is forthcoming from senior leadership that implies protected status for those who engage in homosexual behavior and normalizes same-sex unions in base chapels, any outside observer would conclude that both homosexuality and homosexual unions officiated as marriages in base chapels are normative.

This creates an environment that is increasingly hostile to the many chaplains — and the service members they serve — whose faith groups and personal consciences recognize homosexual behavior as immoral and unsafe and do not permit same-sex unions.

For this reason, and particularly in light of the growing confusion regarding how DADT repeal will play out — indeed, we were told that issues like same-sex weddings were not a concern because of DOMA just months ago — we strongly encourage the adoption of broad, clear, and strong protections Read more

General Mixon Retires, Reiterates Stance on DADT

US Army LtGen Benjamin Mixon, who was publicly dressed down by the Secretary of Defense when he encouraged members of the military to voice their concerns over the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” has retired.  Now he says the Obama administration is in a “rush to repeal” DADT that may actually be damaging to the military.

Perhaps more enlightening is his candor over the public statement he made, and the very public response by the Defense Secretary:  Read more

General Mixon Revisits DADT Comments

According to the Stars and Stripes, LtGen Benjamin Mixon has “regrets” over the controversy caused by his remarks earlier this year on the policy known as “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”  At the time, he wrote a letter to Stars and Stripes encouraging members of the military who opposed the repeal of DADT to “speak up.”  Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, subsequently implied Mixon should resign if he disagreed with the military’s policy direction.

“I do regret having put Army senior leadership on the spot with my response in the Stars and Stripes,” said Lt. Gen. Benjamin Mixon…

General Mixon reportedly said he planned to work “within the system” on this issue.

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