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Update: Homosexual Activists Rickroll Internet in Attack on Mark Green

“Rick-rolling” is an internet bait-and-switch — where you are promised one thing while the hyperlink leads to another. That’s what the homosexual activists of GLAAD recently did to supporters and detractors alike — though their supporters didn’t even seem to notice.

Regarding the attempts to take down Mark Green as President Trump’s nominee for Secretary of the Army, Green had voiced his frustration with “the liberal left [that] has cut and spliced my words about terrorism and ISIS blatantly falsifying what I’ve said.”

GLAAD responded on Green’s Facebook page, saying [emphasis added]: Read more

Concerned US Troops on Transgender Policy and Children

On military moves to a state that would allow a boy to use a girl’s locker room:

[Military families with children] are being asked to choose between our country and keeping our kids safe. Being military, we don’t have a say which state we move to next. We don’t know if it will be a state that protects our civil rights or one that won’t.

On policies that would create a “right” to choose which bathroom, shower, or other traditionally private facilities they want to use:  Read more

Transgender Fighter Pilot To-Be Awaits Policy Change

The New York Times recently bemoaned that it was “unfair” to US troops who have publicly announced their gender identity issues for the US military to fail to follow through with its unstated promise of letting them serve in whatever gender expression they chose.

To be clear, US military policy states those who “identify” as a gender other than their actual one have issues that disqualify them from serving. In July of last year, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter stood up a “working group” to study the impact of allowing troops with gender issues to serve [emphasis added]:

“At my direction,” Carter said, “the working group will start with the presumption that transgender persons can serve openly without adverse impact on military effectiveness and readiness, unless and except where objective, practical impediments are identified.”

The working group was to study the issue over the succeeding six months.

Eight months later, the New York Times chided Carter for Read more

US Sailor Attacks North Carolina Bathroom Bill

willing2Last week the North Carolina legislature passed a fairly common sense bill (PDF) that, among other things, required municipalities and schools to designate bathrooms by gender — that is, a person’s biological gender, not the gender they may say they are.  The State also specifically limited protected class status to biological gender.

As with other efforts in this vein, a smattering of companies have implied they may take their business elsewhere in response to this “bathroom bill” that would segregate boys from girls during their private endeavors.  (The San Francisco mayor said the same, though why he in particular is notable is unclear.)

This law also generated an open letter on Facebook by US Navy LT(JG) Megan Joan Willingham, who describes herself as a Sailor stationed in Okinawa, Japan:  Read more