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The US Military: Where Men are Men, or Women, or Vice Versa

The US military continues to struggle with the changing social mores and perceptions on gender – so much so that it frequently contradicts its own message.

That struggle hasn’t been helped by President Biden’s Executive Order that reversed the Executive Order by President Trump banning people who identified as transgender from serving in the military. While the decision has now been made, how to actually make that happen remains up in the air. The military already has a problem trying to say both genders are equal yet not; adding a third gender option only adds fuel to the seeming dumpster fire that passes as attempted policymaking.

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A Look into USAFA Basic Training

The Stars and Stripes provided a quick but unfiltered summary of the second phase of basic training at the US Air Force Academy, including the measurable impact of its difficulty for would-be cadets:

Academy officials counted 1,035 recruits when basic cadet training began on June 28. When the flight marched into Jacks Valley nearly two weeks ago, 997 remained.

The assault course occasionally weeds out a few more. The academy counted 992 “basics” remaining when Charlie Flight readied for their turn through the course…

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