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Groups Urge Congress to Reinstate Transgender Ban

A variety of religious and liberty groups have called on Congress to reverse the military’s decision to allow transgender service, saying:

This [policy] is an affront to the American people and is certain to undermine readiness, recruitment, and retention in the military. Thus, we urge you to halt the implementation…

The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell took an act of Congress because the ban on homosexual service was part of US law. (Many forget that DADT was the policy used to avoid enforcing the law banning homosexuals from the US military.) The military could not change its policy without Congress changing the law.

But the ban on transgenderism was more basic. It was simply Read more

Navy Chaplains Allege Discrimination

In a legal battle that has been ongoing for more than 20 years, a group of 65 Navy Chaplains has been claiming that a group of specific-faith leaders in the Navy has culled faiths different than their own from the Chaplaincy.

Attorney Arthur Schulcz had a statistician analyze Navy Chaplain promotion rates and found statistically significant preference for Catholic and liturgical Protestant denominations over “more evangelical” denominations.

Schulcz has filed for an injunction to prevent the next promotion board from meeting under the same conditions that have generated this discrepancy.

Groups: Servicemembers “Silenced” over DADT

A report from CNS News says that military Chaplains and servicemembers are being “muzzled” with respect to their views on DADT:

Arthur Schultz [sic, Schulcz], a former Army chaplain who now is legal counsel to the National Conference of Evangelical Chaplain Endorsers, told reporters that servicemen overseas have been told not to speak in support of DADT.

“One of the chaplains…spoke to me, who recently came back from overseas from a major command, and he said that the word is out to chaplains: don’t speak about this and particularly, don’t raise issues about why you can’t support it,” [Schulcz] told reporters. “And so that’s the unofficial, ‘official’ language to say, ‘Keep your mouth shut, or else.'”

Tony Perkins, the disinvited former Marine and president of the Family Research Council, supported that assessment and said “many” on active duty also oppose Read more