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America as a Christian Nation

Dr. Albert Mohler has an excellent article that addresses a key point of contention among many who publicly discuss Christianity in America — whether or not America is, or was, a “Christian nation.”  (These arguments rage despite the fact those on either side may fail to agree on what “Christian nation” even means.)  One notable quote from Dr. Mohler:

Do American Christians really believe that Christianity benefits by being associated with all that America represents in the Muslim world? To many Muslims, America appears as the great fountain of pornography, debased entertainments, abortion, and sexual revolution. Does it help our witness to Christ that all this would be associated in the Muslim mind with “Christian” America?


Dr. Mohler’s article was originally published in the Summer 2013 edition of The Southern Seminary Magazine.


Albert Mohler on Homosexuals and Morality

Dr. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has a lengthy but fascinating article on the argument against “homosexual marriage” from a perspective outside of morality.  Importantly, he brings up an interesting discussion on the “revisionist” view of marriage which

is vitally important, even essential, to any conversation about marriage in our modern context, for it points far beyond the issue of same-sex marriage to the prior assaults on conjugal marriage brought by no-fault divorce and the replacement of personal responsibility with mere personal autonomy. Sadly, the revisionist view of marriage is embraced by millions of heterosexual couples, married and unmarried, but it is essential to the very idea of same-sex marriage.

He also notes what has been said here several times before (much to one or two people’s chagrin), and was first intimated by Justice Antonin Scalia:  Read more

Mohler on Homosexuality and the Moral Revolution

Dr. Albert Mohler, speaking on the “imbroglio” of the planned and then reversed decision to have Pastor Louis Giglio give the benediction at President Obama’s inauguration, made some particularly astute observations.

In short, Pastor Giglio was not welcome once it became clear he had once preached a Christian doctrine:

A Christian pastor has been effectively disinvited from delivering an inaugural prayer because he believes and teaches Christian truth…

Mohler notes that “avoiding” the issue of homosexuality, with a view to public perception, is a “failed strategy:”  Read more

Of Bullies, Bigots, Homophobes: The Changing American Vocabulary

Over the past two or three years, words that once held specific meaning have been “appropriated” by ideologies, interest groups, or even just ignorant websites and misused — misused to such an extent people seem to be forgetting “that word doesn’t mean what you think it means;” at least, it didn’t.

One of the first was the Latin suffix –phobia, which was eventually used as a tool by the homosexual advocacy movement to brand its opponents “homophobes.”  The fact their opponents didn’t have a phobia about homosexuality was irrelevant.  A “phobia” brings with it a negative connotation, and the name-calling had the intended effect:  Opponents of the imposition of the homosexual agenda were forced to defend themselves; the argument changed to one of labels rather than positions.  Pastor Greg Laurie recently addressed the semantics, saying “homophobe” was a useless term:

I hate the word ‘homophobic because I can just as easily come back and say ‘well, you’re biblophobic to say I’m homophobic.

Others have latched onto the semantic trend, resulting Read more

Is Immorality Only that which Harms Others?

A common defense of “sexual liberty” is that it is limited to the private conduct of consenting adults — in other words, it doesn’t “harm” anyone else. Similarly, a frequent retort to opposition to the normalization of homosexual ‘marriage’ is “what marriage was harmed by this homosexual union?”

Dr. Albert Mohler and Pastor Tim Keller have a fascinating discussion on this topic in a panel for the Gospel Coalition:

Their discussion is a fairly thorough breakdown of these canards Read more

Albert Mohler on Dangerous Evangelicals

Though the furor has died down in the intervening few months, an October column by R. Albert Mohler, Jr, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, attempted to address the then-prominent controversy over Christians and Christianity in political life.  Whether you call it “dominionism” or just “fundamentalism,” Mohler took on the issue of those who are decrying the rise of “Christian nationalism.”  He asks:

What is so scary about America’s evangelical Christians?

and notes the chorus of voices warning about the rise of a Christian “theocratic state,” “Christian nationalism,” and a usurpation by Read more

The Slippery Slope of Governing Sexuality

A few different sources, including Dr. Albert Mohler, have recently brought up the case of David Epstein, a professor of political science at Columbia University.  Apparently Epstein was recently charged with incest over a sexual relationship with his adult daughter.

The natural question, of course, is why?

If what two consenting adults do is no one else’s business, why is incest illegal? If reproduction is not germane, then the traditional genetic argument fails.

On what moral basis, then, is incest illegal?

Over at the SoldiersPerspective, a similar question is raisedRead more

The US Military, Religion, and Yoga

A recent Army article notes US Soldiers in Germany have been attending yoga classes as their physical training.  The article notes

The trend is beginning to catch on. Despite initial skepticism by prospective students, yoga classes are becoming staples of training and treatment at Fort Bragg, Fort Jackson, Fort Meade and other U.S. Army posts.

In fact, yoga is even being proposed as a cure for PTSD:

The discipline and peace that yoga offers can help treat PTSD both as a cure and preventative measure…Yoga helps Soldiers reduce tension and learn to manage stress. This flexibility can help avoid the shock that often leads to PTSD.

Interestingly, many people do not comprehend the association of yoga with spirituality.  To that point, Albert Mohler recently published an article entitled “The Subtle Body — Should Christians Practice Yoga?,” essentially saying that yoga is a religious Read more

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