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Vermont ANG Chaplain Serves All Beliefs, No Beliefs

An Air Force article highlights US Air Force Chaplain (Maj) Michael Medas, a Roman Catholic Priest who has joined the Vermont Air National Guard.

The article notes that Medas, like all chaplains, serve the entire military community, regardless of the beliefs any individual may hold:

As a military chaplain Medas provides religious services to all Air Force personnel. He has worked with faiths including Catholicism, Judaism and non-faith beliefs such as Atheism. The primary goal of an Air Force Chaplain is to support all members of the Air Force not only in their Read more

F-15C Sports New Targeting Pod

The F-15C Eagle is an air-to-air fighter.  That’s what it does, and that’s what its pilots love.  In fact, saying the air-to-ground “b-word” (bomb) is even forbidden in the community (among other linguistic games).

That isn’t stopping the Eagles from trying out some of the air-to-ground toys.

The Air Force Times reports a National Guard F-15C unit has been testing a Sniper pod, an air-to-ground targeting pod, on its Eagles:  Read more

The Army Air Force, 2010

A common “gotcha” question among the American military services is Which branch has the most aircraft?

The answer:  The US Army.

While most people think the Army Air Forces ceased to exist just after World War II (at the birth of the Air Force), the US Army retains a large air force of its own.  Granted, most of its aircraft are rotary (helicopter) rather than fixed wing, but its total number of aviation assets exceeds that of the Air Force, which is generally the assumed answer.

Still, the US Army does retain some fixed wing assets.  The Mississippi National Guard — not the Air National Guard — recently flew out to document some of the Gulf oil spill incident.  The aircraft was a C-23 Sherpa, and it was flown by the typical Army aviator: a Warrant Officer.

The Army had been planning to acquire the C-27 to replace the C-23, though funding for the Army’s allocation of C-27s was previously in doubt.

Military Sponsors NASCAR…and Religious Complaint?

Few things go together as well fast cars and fighter jets.  The US military knows this, which is why the Air National Guard is sponsoring a car in NASCAR this year. The ANG will be the primary sponsor of the Latitude 43 team’s #26 for five races.

If this sounds vaguely familiar, it should. The MRFF’s David Miller complained of the military’s support for NASCAR just a few months ago, apparently because of its ‘overt Christianity.’

Interestingly, Latitude 43’s #26 already has several other sponsors, including Sacred Power, a Native American spirituality-themed energy company.  Sacred Power’s logo — which appears to be derived from the Thunderbird, from Native American spiritual belief —  is just below the ANG’s pitch on the side of the car:

It is unclear when Miller will complain or Michael Weinstein will file a lawsuit over the US military’s “unConstitutional support” of Native American spiritualism, as Read more

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