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Navy Commander Fired over Morality, Sexuality

Stars and Stripes reports that US Navy Cmdr Steven Everhart was removed in July from his command of the submarine USS Pennsylvania. The reason? Everhart was fired for who he loved.

The investigation, which began in early June, supported charging him with violating Uniform Code of Military Justice Articles 133 and 134, conduct unbecoming an officer and adultery, respectively, he said.

That the charges do not include false official statements, fraternization, or other internal military issues seems to indicate this was a non-official matter.

As even Michael “Mikey” Weinstein has noted, the US military Read more

The Design for Human Sexuality

by Sonny Hernandez

A Gospel Tract for service members who struggle with sexually immoral conduct
(LGBTQ, fornication, adultery, incest and bestiality)

Important Note: If you are a service member in any branch of the Armed Forces and you are struggling with sexual immorality (LGBTQ, fornication, adultery, incest, and bestiality), please know that you are not alone. As a Christian, I pray regularly for you, and I care about your eternal destiny. Please accept this tract as a gift from me to you. It will help you understand your purpose in life, the problem of evil, the good news of salvation, and God’s design for human sexuality. Though the government has adopted permissive policies regarding sexually immoral conduct, you must understand these lifestyles are contrary to the Word of God.

Watch a testimony of how powerful God’s Word is in a simple Gospel tract: https://youtu.be/xci422OZGWE. Spread the good news. Soli Deo Gloria.

I. Acknowledge the One True God  Read more

Air Force Colonel Claims Heterosexual Discrimination

An Air Force Colonel with a long list of criminal charges says the charges of adultery — normally “add-on” charges — should be dropped, because they discriminate against heterosexuals:

Col. Eugene Marcus Caughey is headed for an August court-martial on charges of rape, assault, taking a dirty selfie and [six] adultery counts…

The military’s adultery law requires “sexual intercourse” as an element of guilt, which Read more

Mikey Weinstein thinks ISIS Attacks over Christianity

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein has famously claimed that Islamic militants are motivated to attack because they feel they are fighting a crusading Christianity. For example, while military imagery has historically been rife with references to knighthood, Weinstein has focused particular energy on military units with things that he declares will be perceived as “crusading,” not unlike the 8th Special Troops Battalion Warrior Training Center in Fort Shafter, Hawaii:

More recently, he said ISIS received a “propaganda bonanza” when a uniformed US military officer spoke of the influence of God in his life.

Weinstein needs this narrative because his foundation is Read more

Al Mohler: The End of Legislating Morality

The Rev (Dr.) Albert Mohler wrote an interesting article responding to comments by Jonathan Turley, the lawyer for the successful Utah “sister wives” legal challenge and law professor at George Washington University [emphasis added]:

Turley’s article is an example of a concerted, very sophisticated, libertarian argument that is fast gaining ground in American life. Just last year the state of Colorado decriminalized adultery. The president of the Independence Institute testified for the decriminalization, stating that “it is a conservative value to get rid of bills that are useless.”…

The original statute was hardly useless. It was a profound moral statement about the sanctity of marriage and the crime of violating the marriage vows, thus subverting marriage and the family and endangering children and weakening the larger community.

Mohler also revisits the argument that the state should not “legislate morality,” which he accurately rebuts by Read more

US Marine on Trial for Moral Offense

Update: The Marine, who is not named, was convicted, receiving a reprimand and loss of pay.

The US Marine Corps is court-martialing a Staff Sergeant for adultery:

A Marine is on trial at Camp Pendleton on charges of committing adultery and then lying to investigators by saying she was drunk and had been raped.

Though “prosecutions are rare,” unnamed “officials” said adultery is bad for the military:

Adultery, officials said, undermines “good order and discipline in the armed forces and [is] of a nature to bring discredit to the armed forces.”

In a profession in which men and women are charged with the power to both protect and take lives, one would hope fidelity to morals would be a virtue to uphold.

Repeated at the Stars and Stripes.


Navy Removes Carrier XO for Immorality

According to the Associated Press, the US Navy removed the executive officer of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower for an inappropriate relationship with a female Soldier while both were married (to other people).  Notably, they were able to produce no evidence of adultery (by military standards):

The former executive officer…had an inappropriate relationship…but Navy investigators did not find evidence of adultery…

Capt. Robert Gamberg was removed in June from his post as the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier’s second in command.

Gamberg, a Navy EA-6B Prowler pilot, was reportedly cited for Read more

Homosexual Marine Accused of Sham Marriage for Benefits

Three US Marines at Camp Pendleton stand accused of entering sham marriages to obtain access to financial benefits.  It all started when a homosexual Marine wanted to live with her girlfriend but “couldn’t afford it:”

[US Marine Corporal Ashley] Vice told CNN affiliate KGTV in San Diego that she wanted to live off base with her girlfriend, Jaime Murphy, as a couple. Murphy is a civilian.

But on her salary, she couldn’t afford it.

So she says she found a Marine, Jeremiah Griffin, who agreed to marry her so she could receive the $1,200 per month living stipend the Marine Corps gives to married couples living off base.

Her homosexual partner eventually married a third Marine, Joseph Garner, for the same reason.  Vice has told the press the three will likely face jail time, since they are unable to pay back the funds they are accused of getting fraudulently.

Ultimately, the military’s response has nothing to do with homosexuality; Read more

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